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  1. Well I finally got this working again in the Standalone/GoG version of Don't Starve. Apparently these versions are out-of date and get confused by the Shipwrecked DLC check. With the help of this post; I was able to dummy the checks out and get it working. If anyone else running these versions wants to get this working, the files that need editing are: modmain.lua customhealthbadge.lua ntbadge.lua modmain and customhealth have multiple checks, and be careful not to nuke the RoG checks at the same time.
  2. I notice this seems to have been updated on the steam workshop, but not here. If the author's still around, could we please get the update here as well?. This looks like a really fun mod, but as I have the GoG version of Don't Starve, I can't get the most current version from Steam.
  3. Okay, a quick update, if it helps. Turns out part of the problem was the GoG version installer is out-of-date, using Klei's built-in updater fixed that. I'm still getting an error when I try to load this though, both with the 2.02/2.03 release and the beta you linked to a few posts back. But now at least it gives me an error log I can pass on. Here you go; scripts/modindex.lua(395,1) Could not load mod_config_data/modconfiguration_RPG HUD Neat scripts/mods.lua(170,1) Loading mod: RPG HUD Neat scripts/mods.lua(197,1) Mod: RPG HUD Neat Loading modworldgenmain.lua scripts/mods.lua(205,1) Mod: RPG HUD Neat Mod had no modworldgenmain.lua. Skipping. scripts/mods.lua(197,1) Mod: RPG HUD Neat Loading modmain.lua scripts/mods.lua(211,1) Mod: RPG HUD Neat Error loading mod! ...s/Don't Starve/data/../mods/RPG HUD Neat/modmain.lua:1392: variable 'CAPY_DLC' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'error' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/strict.lua(23,1) C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/../mods/RPG HUD Neat/modmain.lua(1392,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'xpcall' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/util.lua(439,1) in function 'RunInEnvironment' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/mods.lua(208,1) in function 'InitializeModMain' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/mods.lua(189,1) in function 'LoadMods' scripts/main.lua(229,1) in function 'ModSafeStartup' scripts/main.lua(274,1) =[C] in function 'SetPersistentString' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua(18,1) in function 'SavePersistentString' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/modindex.lua(76,1) =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/modindex.lua(63,1) in function 'BeginStartupSequence' scripts/main.lua(273,1) in function 'callback' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/modindex.lua(331,1) =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString' C:/GOG Games/Don't Starve/data/scripts/modindex.lua(311,1) in function 'Load' scripts/main.lua(272,1) in main chunk I hope this helps you out, if not let me know and I'll try to get the right info for you/ go away and stop bugging you
  4. I also have the GoG version (Where There's a Wilson) and haven't had any luck getting this to work. I've tried Regular, Neat, and the Beta to no avail. They just say "Crashed" in the mod menu with no feedback of any sort. Is there something really obvious I'm missing here?
  5. Could we get a 100% chance for the Krampus Sack to drop in this mod as well? I always thought that 1% thing was kind of silly. And maybe any other stupidly rare boss drops I'm forgetting?
  6. Will this work in all's well that's maxwell? Or does it need to be updated?