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  1. .... Well.. I'm not very good with files.. and to be honest, it's a bit of a shocker that I pulled this mod off.
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    Hello! I'm Gwandic, a while back I thought.... "Hey, isn't Krampus a little (LOT) under-powered?" So... After that I posted on the forums about the topic of buffing Krampus. It gave me a lot of ideas, and I'm still thinking of more... But I was wanting to see the feedback of just a LITTLE mod. All I did was edit Krampus some, I multiplied his health by 10 and speed was buffed up to 2 instead of 1. Damage is now 75 instead of 25, and size is doubled. As well, I increased the Krampus sack drop rate by 5X so instead it's 5% instead of 1%. Considering this is the fastest mob in the game, and as well capable of eating through insanity armor. As well, I also thought that since Living Logs screamed, that they were being tortured when eaten by woodie, or burned alive by any character. So I made it so when Living logs are burned or eaten, it adds 1-6 naughtiness, therefor giving Living Logs more of a... "Middle Stage" or "Early Stage" usage. However, I believed Krampus should be a punishment, rather then something that can be as easily grinded. Therefor, I created this mod. This mod is not for everyone, and I think that this mod, is for those who agree with me. Also! It'd be greatly appreciated if you went to the Forums post which has the steam link, youtube video, and this link as well!
  3. Guys! You can store stuff in him, watch the video and you'll see!