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  1. Cthulhu - Don't Starve Together

    Really? I'll look into it. Thanks.
  2. Perchance, to dream of Ivory Palaces...

  3. Don't Starve Together Mods FAQ

    Hey, I have two character mods I've polished for DST. Mind adding them to the list, oh mighty @rezecib? CthulhuIka Musume
  4. Version 2.0


    Adds Cthulhu from Cthulhu Saves the World to Don't Starve Together and Don't Starve Together Only. Features: +100% Custom-Drawn Art(courtesy of Ultima Zix), including sprites, portraits, map-icons, AND his sword. +100% complete custom quotes for pretty much everything you can inspect. +An exclusive weapon! +Unique Sounds +Of course, the character himself. Perks: *Eldritchian Being: Man, does being a cosmic monstrosity have benefits. Cthulhu takes less sanity drain from all sources, such as darkness or monsters, but he suffers sanity loss from sunlight. In fact, he GAINS sanity in the dark! He is quite durable, featuring high regeneration and knowledge beyond human understanding, giving him access to every magic. His amphibious form puts him into godhood among the Merm, who will remain neutral to him, while the Pigmen seek to foolish avoid their end. Cthulhu is slightly resistant to rain and 2x weak to fire, however. He can also see in the dark. He also drives people insane, obviously. *Wicked Muscles: Man, does Cthulhu lift! He has 1.4x the strength of wimpy Wilson. In fact, he is so brawny that his own muscles weigh him down! His diet(and hunger to end all life and usher in a world of chaos) exclusively accepts only meat, making farms useless. He also burns with the fires of hatred, which makes his hunger drain fast! *Perchant for Violence: Cthulhu's sword is his keen friend, dealing more damage(but having less uses) than a tentacle bat. He also is slightly larger than your average character! Stats: 175 Health 200 Hunger 200 Sanity Takes no Night Sanity Drain, instead regenerating sanity in darkness. Sunlight ticks away at his sanity. 0.4x Monster Sanity Drain 0.9x Speed 1.4x Damage Multiplier Night Vision Regenerates health "rather quickly" Carnivorous Appetite. 1.75x hunger drain. 2x fire damage weakness! Merm like him! Pigs hate him! Innate magical knowledge! Exclusive sword Drain Ally's Sanity
  5. Version 2.0


    Adds the titular character Ika Musume from Shinryaku! Ika Musume into Don't Starve Together. Features: +100% Custom-Drawn Art, including sprites, portraits, map-icons, and...well that's about it. +100% complete custom quotes for pretty much everything you can inspect. +Custom De Geso~ upon spouting a line! +Of course, the character herself. Perks: *Squid: Ika possesses numberous distinctions being part of the glorious world order of Squids. For starters, she takes on straights akin to the firefly squid, allowing her to glow in the dark. Years of living in the sea taught her to be less picky, so she will gobble any food regardless of spoilage and need to eat less often. However, not all is coral and shrimp. Her squishy exterior, while regenerative, is quite fragile. She also lacks muscle in her arms, meaning she deals less damage. *Inkvasion: In her pursuit of total land dominance, Ika has a few benefits. She's quick on her feet and determined to make the best of her situations, giving her passive sanity regen. She even has her trusty Umbrella, the Squid Unit Mark 3: Excellcior, to aid her! *Spineless: While Ika may act all tough, she's actually scared of pretty much anything bigger than her. While accustomed to the dark, any monster will scare the daylights out of her! Stats: 75 Health 135 Hunger 100 Sanity 0.675x Night Sanity drain. 2x Monster Sanity Drain 1.15x Speed 0.9x Damage Multiplier Glows in the dark Regenerates health "rather quickly" Ignores spoilage. 0.95 hunger drain. A whopping 3x fire damage weakness!