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  1. This is how i made this mod work for me . 1)- Disable all MODS but only leave Pyro mod active. 2)-When your game starts, simply exit, and turn ON any mod you want. 3)-Go to your saved game and play P.S: I really don't know why it sometimes crashes, i tryed everything, do this and it should work . Hopefully.
  2. I downloaded sfix version . It works when i disabled all mods , only left Pyro mod . I will try to see which mod causes problems , since i am sure one of them makes Pyro mod crash .
  3. It's not like that . When world is loading, and when screen turns black for a second , message pop ups Don't starve encountered problem and needs to close , Send report/don't send . That's all
  4. But it crashes . And i hope he fixes that .
  5. it never worked for me . Always crash :C
  6. Looks amaing . I was waiting for Pyro , but i knew Klei won't make him . Thanks i will try it out later , hopefully it works (Edit) - It won't work for me . I create new world and wait till it's generated , then i get error/crash report . ( don't starve needs to close ) . Halp?
  7. Thank you srsly alot . Finally i can play my favourite character . I always wanted , but i hated fullmoon . Can't thank you enough .
  8. It makes my game crashe . So i have to remove this mod from mod files I wanna play this guy
  9. Hello . I just don't understund . I downloaded few mods from Klei page then put them in my MODS folder and launch game > go to mods , enable them . But when i start game everything is same . When i go to main menu and look at mods , it says ,, crashed at the start , automat.. disabled when crashed''. I can't fix it.