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  1. First time participating! I couldn't help it and I had to draw Maxwell enjoying being a cliché villain way too much. An homage to Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond movies (and by extension Dr. Evil). Enjoy!
  2. Pile o' stuff - Stram's DS art.

    WELP! THAT'S IT, LADS! THEY CAUGHT ME! Yes grumpy grandpas are my favourite to draw. This one has the extra appeal of being a beanpole with a great nose.
  3. Pile o' stuff - Stram's DS art.

    Finally I managed to draw something that's not nsfw, so I can post it here: Inspired by David Bowie’s persona, The Thin White Duke, and in particular his song/album “Station to Station”. I was re-listening to the album and the image of Maxwell/William Carter shedding another layer of humanity while slowly becoming one with Them was just so clear in my mind’s eye I had to paint it. I never paint fully rendered stuff so it’s safe to assume that an actual demon possessed me while working on this. Thank you so much to everyone who commented and helped me bring this thread back to life! Now watch me as I descend into the bottomless pit that it is drawing Maxwell just looking vaguely displeased.
  4. Pile o' stuff - Stram's DS art.

    oh boy HOWDY it's been.... almost 5 years since I last posted here?! School/work took over my life and I couldn't play DS for a while due to computer issues. Also I'm pretty obsessed with Gravity Falls up to this day. but HERE, have a new rendering of Maxwell, the cheeky dapper demon boy! Detail of the eyes because P͒̆͒̑̾́u̎͊rͪ͢p̈lͣe͛ ͐̑̈́͐͗͒͊͏b̉̾̽̾ri̶ͫ̑̐n̶g̔ͦ̈́̓ͯ̍͟ŝͫ͂̚ ͥ̎͘g̎ͪ͒̿́͒reaͤ҉t͌̋̈́̊ͧ̽̍ ̏͒ͣ̆p̈ͥ́ͦͮ̚̚ǒw͑͞e͆̃̈͋ͦr̉͊ͪͩ
  5. Fanart by SightKeeper

    WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing stuff here, I can't believe how haunting and terrifying that Deerclops painting still is. (Guess I have to come back to these parts after a 5 year silence woops)
  6. Mysterious notes?

    oh dear oh dear... I wonder if this door will be in the shape of Wilson's bearded face...
  7. Mysterious notes?

    How often do the images update?
  8. I hope is a giant badger, that would be pretty badass.
  9. 9emiliecharlie9's Don't Starve doodles

    This is looking amazing. I love your style and how well you draw character expressions, and the colors look quite lovely :3 More, please!
  10. Messin' With Fan Art

    I am absolutely loving the new material you're posting. it's a pity you gave up the idea of a comic, it certainly looks like an amazing first page! And I adore the New Year picture, everybody looks amazing! Especially cute little Wendy in her frilly dress
  11. Don't Starve Illustration

    That is pretty damn cool, I love your inking and painting style... what program/technique do you use? Can't wait to see more!
  12. Wilson and Maxwell switch clothes

    Now that's cute, hehehe.
  13. Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    Somebody better stuff pumpkin cookies or taffy in Maxwell's mouth before he goes absolutely crazy. That or give him a top hat. And as I said in DA, amazing expressions, especially on Maxwell
  14. It seems it will be entirely random boxes. Only in the ultimate combo pledge (the 500$ one) you will have a copy of each figurine for sure. This is what I have understood so far.
  15. Seems like she won't be included as an individual figurine or complement. But hey... does that mean we might have her as a nigth table lamp?