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  1. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    The menu mods "Configure mods"
  2. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    There is a possibility that you enter the chances of recovery of normal arrow with opponents ?
  3. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    This is my favorite character but I have a request to you, This is not a bug maybe you can fix it. This character does not pronounce any words and for this reason I can not see how much the opponent has HP also (when I click left ALT + click) I can not milk beefalo. Every time overhead occurs heart and our character waving
  4. William J. Danninghar:

    I play this character for the first time. In the description it is written that Pointy Wrench 51 dmg real dmg for me is 22 dmg! Nightmare Wrench 65 dmg real for me is 38 dmg! Something wrong ? Happy New Year! Does not work with ROG DLC - In my case the game work, may not be compatible and not everything works as it should ? As the example above
  5. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    When I turned off mods Always on Status the game works properly (no lags) but hair changes as the right pictures. So it should be? Ok, thanks for the help!
  6. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    I do not know how to send you a private message. My log and my install mods: and my hair
  7. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    Sorry for my english is not perfect My character Warfarin animations losing hair and the game starts very lagging, anyone knows how to solve this problem ?