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  1. patch released which fixes it. just dont rush the game starting up is all
  2. someone posted a temporary solution in the bug fix section. turn off your internet. apparently the part that goes wrong is when steam checks Workshop for mod updates. no internet access means no check. tested and worked for me. you can just turn on the internet again once you've done all your mod business and loaded your save. it'll be a pain to do until they fix it but not a massive issue for me for now
  3. here's hoping it gets a fix soon then. wonder how long it'll take Klei to see something's borked?
  4. oh i had the exact same thing happen to me this morning. was about to make my own post. but for me, the game wouldnt respond the first time i opened it. after closing and reopening, the game said that all mods were disabled. then i went to the mods tab to see if anything happened. then i got this exact same crash page. tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with no luck. Hope someone responds soon
  5. deerclops are winter-only bosses that can break down any structure. they usually target structures first, then they'll go after you