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  1. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    It perched on top of Ysul's dead body. It chirped again, its light dimming a little.
  2. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    There was a green orb of light floating close by that only Mena could see, it emanated light particles of the same colour around it. It quickly darts towards her and... chirps?, leaving a trail of green glow behind, beginning to bounce in the air once it's close to Mena's ghost.
  3. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Suddenly, Mobb's hat falls off his head again.
  4. Oh, uh, you're welcome?
  5. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    The weed leaf was consumed by unnatural means seconds after it was placed next to him The weed god is pleased.
  6. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    The nature dragon's life died away, without it, his scales eventually turned gray. .RIP.
  7. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Ysulyan actually didn't know if Soto was innocent or not, but he dared not to speak at that moment. The sight was truly frightening, if anything. "... With just a snap of the fingers..." He muttered, crossing his arms and growling lightly, watching as Dragonmage then walked away and headed upstairs. Then, Tater called him, asking if he wanted to have a slumber party. He was taken aback by this. Why would someone even ask for such a thing after witnessing the death of--
  8. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    "And this is why I always suggested taking down the actual person who put us all in this situation." he grunted, shaking his head, "That man with the hood that put these brands on us." he gestured at his wrist "Deciding who to kill is pointless if we are just toys of this puppeteer. We are all expendable to him, and so he doesn't care who dies, for we might all die anyway." he sighs, and then looks halfway down to the ground "To him this is all a game, but to us this is much more serious. My vote is always against him or her who handles this whole little circus, but we are obligated to choose someone else in the group..." he then looks up to the rest, "let's just stop... We can all stop if we just talk this over."
  9. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Ysulyan covered his wrist and hissed, then proceeded to lick his wound a few times. He leaned his back against the nearest wall, pondering as the others talked. Many things could have changed in an year, bad people could have turned good, and vice-versa; maybe even worse. Maybe the dead were returned to life with a fresh and innocent mind, but how to know this? They had little to no time, the lynch was nigh. Clues were null... Needless to say, they had to gamble with their lives, again. "Based on previous occurrences, my vote goes for Soto as well."
  10. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    "Ooh, cookies..." he followed DragonMage then, and in the way he started to whistle a little tune. Nothing in particular, just a random tune.
  11. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    "That is Mr.P... I recognize the whole bone-y thing." he sighs and holds his forehead with a hand, looking down and with an expression of dread. "Just why would someone..." he leaned against the closest wall and remained silent for the time being, glancing at P's dead body, still shocked for the time being.
  12. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    "It's good to see you're well, too..." When Ysul broke the hug, he noticed something on his wrist: it was the brand that was somehow embedded to his scales. He tried to remove it with a few scratches but he couldn't. This made him rather nervous. If what the person said was true, then maybe he shouldn't risk leaving that place at once.
  13. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    This situation again. Ysulyan agreed with Mena, mentally... They had fallen for the same trap again, but at least everyone was alive once more; his friends, the ones he has been mourning for a year. Even if in the beginning, most of them were barely acquaintances, he managed to become friends with. He carefully finished inspecting the body on the floor, noticing the ruckus when Mena flipped a nearby table and hit Waddles with it, accidentally. He flinched at the sight, and then stood up, eyebrows furrowed in confusion and worry. This... man that just left them there... Was their intention the same as the other "host"? to puppeteer them and kill each other? If so, then he knew what was coming for them... And perhaps, he was not going to be too lucky as to survive this time. Still, if he was to die, he would try to at least enjoy this moment of brief respite before the mayhem; like everyone seemed to be doing, apart from talking about the dead body-- reuniting with friends that were once dead, something he still had to put his finger on how could that have happened. So he turned to look at @DragonMage156 , immediately poking her shoulder from behind, grinning and wagging his tail lightly. "Hullo there, gal"
  14. Ban pit for lacking a meaty tail
  15. Ban Pax because he likes fish
  16. Ban Gamertron7500 because they demand information
  17. Wave after Wave

    (yes it would be best if it was after the swamp stuff c: )
  18. The Cute Animal Thread

    O-oh... What can I say in this situation? I... I can only say one thing. I wish you good fortune and health above everything, but really... I just am how I am and treat these forums with the respect every friendly member deserves c:
  19. Wave after Wave

    (ooo, ooo) (what about Dragon and the coffee?)
  20. *finds art thread* *looks at art thread*
  21. Wave after Wave

    (Hi this is a post Also good work with the Text @Battal c: I like the font you used)
  22. oshit.png

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      Someone had fun on Discord :p