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  1. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Ysulyan blinked as he woke up from his death. He sat up and looked to the left... then to the right... then blankly to the front.
  2. Wave after Wave

    Nadas warmly smiled at Kate and thanked he for the fish, she stared at it and then ate it fully with just a few bites, perhaps due to her hunger or maybe because that was just the way she ate things? At any rate, the gecko lady was relieved. As the giant sea creature emerged and the ship came to a halt, she looked back and up, finally standing up, knees wobbly. She set her hands on the ship's railing and stared at it; the creature could also talk, much like the other three that accompanied them, luckily. She didn't say anything, except "That's a pretty name." with a faint chirp. She was impressed at dragon's speed to find some seaweed. Nadas greeted this distant cousin and tapped her muzzle in thanks, accepting the seaweed. "Thank you," she glanced at the wing that was previously damaged, "Hmm... Seems like you got a wound over there, is it alright or...?" she knew the dragoness was flying and all but she needed to make sure.
  3. Wave after Wave

    Weak as she was, Nadas frowned as the sun was setting, her body feeling cold all of a sudden. She started to look around for some sort of shelter, but she was hungry as well. "Excuse me, little one..." she looked at Kate since she was the closest person to her at the moment, "Could I please have some of the fish over there? I don't know when was the last time I ate something..."
  4. Wave after Wave

    (Ummmm.... *thinks of a terrible excuse* uh, she's a lizard, so yeah) Nadas glanced at Otto and then huffed, seeming rather hesitant about letting the little creature climb stuff in that condition. When the gecko realized the little girl was waving back at her and looking at her, she blinked and then tried to stand up to the best of her ability, managing a smile, leaning with her back against the closest crate or wall.
  5. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    Well look at you, boi Lookin swellICIOUS na gitcha~ owo
  6. Wave after Wave

    Nadas fell on her haunches as soon as the ship started to move, hissing a bit. She was still quite weak, so she was rather dizzy still. The gecko lady sighed and then looked down at Noccy for a moment, noticing it was about to fall asleep, so she cradled it. When the little girl stepped closer, Nadas attempted to smile, albeit slightly. "Hello there, little one..." her voice was rather sloppy.
  7. Wave after Wave

    Nadas grinned when she noticed the dragon was departing to help them find some of the ingredients they needed. The gecko waved at her and then turned around to look at Otto. When he talked about fighting shadows and that he was fine, she simply nodded and pat his head gently, "sure thing, little one~"
  8. Wave after Wave

    She blinked at him and then carefully placed him on the ground, trying to extend her arm as much as possible to avoid the scratches. "Sorry, but if you jump into the water you might get even worse. We have a whole crew for something, don't we? We could kindly ask the dragon to go search for the seaweed since she can fly." she smiled, "I'm sure she'll understand if it will help for the survivability of the whole party."
  9. Wave after Wave

    Nadas gently pat the pup's head with the other hand, blinking at Noccy. She gave him a warm smile. Then she gasped and strode closer to Otto, tugging the little bipedal furry creature by his tail before he could jump off the railing of the ship, "you're not going to find any seaweed out in the deep sea! Wait until we get closer to an island..." There was a brief pause. "Also, it's 'course', not 'coarse'."
  10. Wave after Wave

    Nadas approached the shadow puppy, against her common sense, and attempted to carefully pick him up. She didn't exactly know if she could pick shadows up but she tried anyway. After that, she would turn to Otto and say, "You're not getting anywhere before you get cured, and I happen to know the cure." she blinked "Just bring me a venom gland, some corals and seaweed."
  11. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Hah, I don't want to let go. TAKE ME WITH YOU.

    1. Mobbstar


      That mandragon desires more adventures! Vingy, you ought to have fun with him!

    2. GreenWyvern


      Oh, uh... what's fun with the kids nowadays?

  13. Wave after Wave

    (I keep not getting notifications of this thread. Sorry) "Oh..." she watches as the shadow pup started to lick and play with Otto's face. And the little creature seemed happy so... There was nothing to worry about, right? When Otto asked Nadas if she had a tissue, she simply blinked with one eye at the time, licking the air idly. She had nothing but a very worn out set of tattered linen clothing, covering vital areas, and her necklace. "I don't think so."
  14. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Mobb's hat once again falls off its place. This was totally gravity's fault
  15. Wave after Wave

    Nadas was looking at Otto and analyzing his state when suddenly a small shadow creature appeared. This one looked exactly like those she had seen before, but... Smaller. Still, the gecko reacted with a certain amount of fear, noticing especially that it was too close to her leg wound, making her flinch and step back, gasping. Then, she noticed it started to lick Otto's face, realizing that the... shadow pup-dog? ... was not acting so dangerously aggressive. "What... Is that your pet?" she asked, dismayed.
  16. Wave after Wave

    "Mm, both majestic and adorable..." she mentioned as Dragon thumped her tail on the ground. Nadas, also rather concerned for the smaller one, turned to look at him, "You should lie down for a bit. Exactly how long have you been in this state?" she gave him a serious look now.
  17. Wave after Wave

    Nadas was looking at the dragon intently, amazed by the fact that creatures like them existed in this place. She gently rubs the jawline of the dragon once she tilted her head, and then turned her head to Otto as he continued speaking. "If you are poisoned, then you shouldn't be moving about and fighting things. It will only get worse..." she then set her other free hand underneath her own chin and wondered. "I'm amazed you are not on the ground right now. You sure you are not resistant to poison?"
  18. Wave after Wave

    The larger creature's ample voice distracted Nadas for a moment as she was talking to a smaller human, apparently a kid. A girl? She stared at her from the distance for several seconds until she was surprised by the appearance of a humanoid animal, standing on two feet. This didn't surprise her as she was also like this but what impressed her was that it was a... Squirrel? No, an otter? He extended his hand at her as to introduce himself and the gecko simply stared at him for several seconds. It took her that much to respond, albeit silently. She shook hands carefully and didn't seem to mind the mud. "Oh, hello there. Nice to meet you too, I'm Nadas." She blinked a few times, and then added, "You seem a little feverish, but then again it's hard to guess that from a furry creature; I could be wro--" she was interrupted by the appearance of a larger reptilian head, covered in what seemed to be gold and decorated with smaller gemstone-like eyes. Nadas licked the air idly and sniffed briefly at... The dragon? The gecko flicked her tail and then carefully moved the back of her hand towards the dragon's snout. "H-Hey there to you too, curious large one."
  19. Wave after Wave

    Nadas watches the sharx leave with a smile, and she blinks with confusion. Moments later, she looks about, scanning the other members of the crew. It was going to be a little hard to get to know them one by one but at least she was with friendlies now; that's all that mattered... "Company." She sighed.
  20. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Ysul-orb floated idly in solitude in the middle of the alchemy room.
  21. Wave after Wave

    She gently bowed her head at Famen, knowing he was the captain of the ship; so a little respect would be fine, yes? "Hello. My name is Nadas." she was excited but also weak, so she leaned against the closest wall or object she could find, either sitting or standing "Excuse me... I've had some rough weeks... It's nice to have... Finally found you all." she managed a weak smile.
  22. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Ysul spirit-orb followed Mobb to the alchemy room, just to watch him do the things.
  23. Wave after Wave

    Nadas glances at these two new figures-- the human and the sharx-- eyes as curious as ever; excitement flooding her body as she was finally surrounded by living, sentient beings, regardless of appearances; and they all seemed to get along quite well despite the wide variety of species. The sound of those dark whispers were lightly covered by these new voices and, for a moment, she forgets about them, beginning to truly smile, "... Oh, it's alright. This one just surprised me..." she licked the air idly for a moment. "Who's... The captain of the ship?" her voice was soft, but was it because of her weak state or did she normally speak this way?