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  1. The last thing Nadas remembers is taking the hand of the one that looked like a shaman when the sea creature smashed the dragon down to the sea, and then, suddenly, the ship was destroyed. Luckily, they ended up beaching on the nearby island, which was a relief. Just after she managed to get onto a boat filled with sentient people, the last thing she wanted was to once again get lost in the seas. Nadas didn't see anyone right next to her as soon as she recovered her senses so she decided to find the closest source of light, which was the center of the island. After watching the dragoness being hit that way though, she was worried sick about her. Without mentioning the funny, friendly sharx that valiantly but blindly attempted to attack the giant sea creature. And the little girl concerned Nadas, was she okay? Many questions that needed to be answered
  3. Everything happened too quickly ever since the sea-monster appeared and Jaw started too attack one of its claws. Sooner than later the ship was being struck hard by the hostile creature, and Nadas couldn't help but gasp and hang on to something quickly, possibly the railing. Was it a railing, yes, it was. She grasped at the wooden surface tightly until she realized the ship was actually about to sink. The blood and the violence started to surround her, and it made her freeze in place. She quickly steadied herself and tried to make a run for it, perhaps swim towards the closest island? But the underwater beast... What of the beast?! The lizard lady started to pant nervously, and her thoughts were interrupted by the loud shriek of the shaman-looking person. She did not trust shamans, but this one was part of the crew, and she couldn't just let him hang there by the railings. Nadas, after some hesitation, attempted to shorten distances between her and Syndir. "Shaman...!" she shouted at him, calling him that way because she didn't know his name; extending a hand when she was close enough, lending him her aid. "Quickly, take my hand!" her body shook and shivered thanks to the cold and the fact that the ship was a constantly wiggling floating thing. A perilous place to stay, indeed.
  4. Nadas screams at the sight of the gigantic creature, then notices Jaw just jumping towards one of its claws and shouts:
  5. "The otter is being dragged by the glowing tendrils!" she pointed at where Otto just submerged into. Then, she noticed Malii nearby and shouted at her, "Help him, please!"
  6. Nadas was confused at the sudden turn of events but she turns to look at Kate "You should stay inside unless things get ugly, okay? I don't want your blanket to get wet, so... Have it for a moment." she hands her the blanket along with Noccy, then runs outside to look at what was going on. She notices Otto swimming away and disappearing underwater among the floating corpses. She frowns and grimaces at the stench-- wait, was someone over board, about to drown?! She quickly darted towards Famen to help him pull the rope, assisting in this salvation.
  7. Nadas makes sure Noccy doesn't fall off her arms while at the same time trying to keep herself on foot as the ship scrapes something underneath. She tugs at the blanket and then steps outside the cabin to look around. "What's happening?"
  8. Nadas huffed and watched Otto go, poking her head out of the cabin's door and exclaiming, "It's 'course', not 'coarse'! Try not to kill yourself in the middle of the ocean! You're an otter, not a penguin!"
  9. The lizard lady, without hesitation, accepted the rest of the berries and decided to eat a few as well, keeping the remaining fruits on her palm before setting them on the nearest table. The gecko shook her head as soon as Otto tried to helplessly explain that he was perfectly fine. The signs were there, and Nadas wouldn't ignore them. All attempts to bluff her or persuade her failed. "You need to rest," she repeated. She stared at Virdis and was utterly confused. "I suppose you are the one he speaks of? The Roots? Are you by chance a nature sprite? You look the kind. Back in my home, some..." she seemed disgusted when saying the next word, squinting her eyes for a second "... shamans commune with these spirits. But you have a physical form and don't mind being in the realm of the mortals."
  10. As the events unfold, Nadas first accepts the berries from the friendly sharx, smiling at them. Hearing they ate bad food was a bit alarming to her but she tried not to comment too much about it. But failed "You all should be more careful of what you eat," he looked at Otto especially, not exactly amused at the sight of his hat, "it is a miracle you're still alive after eating poison. Thankfully it's not a strong one. But as soon as I get a poison gland I'll make you an antidote." She blinked when Jaw pat her, staring at him with confusion but also intrigue, wondering why was he leaving so soon? "Oh, thank you again, by the way, kind sharx..." Nevertheless she now stood there with the berries on her hand and decided to offer them to Kate, not really knowing they were hers actually. "Here you go. I'm not really that hungry, and I wanted to give you a proper thanks for sharing this blanket with me." That's when she realized there was another dragon on board. She stared at Cinis silently, then muttered a greeting with a faint wave of her hand.
  11. There was a moment of silence between Nadas and Kate in which the lizard lady wondered what the past of this kind small human was. She tried not to ask about it though, at least not so soon. Might be seen as inappropriate in human terms. The sharx that was actually not looking to eat her arrives and offers food to Nadas, who smiles and chuckles at his antics. "Jaw, is it? A bit, I had some fish earlier, but the berries would be a nice snack as well... Thank you, too. I only wish I was fast enough to catch up with you all before you left. Could have helped with my sanity..." she shook her head slowly. "And I could have aided you all, some of you seem to be in... dire conditions, especially the otter, who is clearly poisoned. The sanitary conditions of this ship are simply terrible!"
  12. Nadas accepts the blanket, carefully wrapping it around her shoulder, letting the fabric fall to the sides and holding two edges together with her hands tucked to her chest. She smiles at Kate and flicks her tail lightly, "Thank you, little one." she paused for a second, "Tell me, is there something you want or need?"
  13. Nadas was wondering already if the dragon outside was warm enough to seek protection from them, although the small little animal was already asking around for some sort of warmth source. The crew was quite the friendly one, and she was very thankful to have finally found others she knew she could rely on, but as soon as she was able to, she'd help with whatever she could. In between her thoughts the little human appeared. Nadas blinked at her when she approached, pulling herself out of the barrel carefully and standing before her before kneeling down to be as tall as she was, allowing her to gaze into her face. "You... Are offering me the blanket?" Nadas carefully extended a hand and stroked its fabric with her fingers "... Thank you, I promise I'll take care of it, little one. Your name was Kate, was it? Are you feeling okay?" she kindly asked, trying not to shiver too much.
  14. Nadas was not up to saying much at the moment so she settles down with a few words, "N-No... I need warmth. Maybe a fire, or some blankets. Anything."
  15. Nadas was hiding inside one of the empty barrels in a strange attempt to warm herself up. "S-So cold..." she looked rather distressed about it.
  16. This is not good. Whatever Nadas was doing was interrupted by the splashing of the cold water. She immediately rushed into the cabin, shivering and hugging herself for warmth.
  18. Nadas nudges Otto with her elbow and looks at him with squinted eyes.
  19. The poor wing looked recently healed, but could use a bit more of treatment, just in case, you know? Nadas was confused, how could a crew of sailors not have medical supplies prepped and ready for adventure? Oh right, maybe they were not sailors and just people trying to survive with whatever they had, just like her. As soon as she recovered she'd explore the closest island to gather some supplies. Maybe mosquito sacks, some spider glands, a bit of honey... Some blue mushrooms maybe. All of those had healing properties Nadas discovered. Oh, and butterfly wings...
  20. Ysulyan was too nervous for some reason and he didn't notice Dwer waving at him; his fingers here rubbing at the little scale-spikes he head on his "eyebrows" as he looked down on his seat, elbows to his knees.
  21. Ysulyan stood up, legs shaking a little, the colour on his scales returning to their former green in a matter of seconds. He idly licks the air and then settles down by sitting on the closest chair available. He squinted his eyes and rubbed his forehead, "I... What happened...? I'm alive?" he asked to nobody in particular, also barely noticing everyone was heading for the basement. His mind was still trying to process the fact that he was actually living once again.