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  1. Wave after Wave

    Seeing as the island was sinking and there was no time for dallying, Nadas simply groaned and answered, "No, little one." then attempted to carry Syndir over her shoulder but he was too heavy for her in this sorry state she was. She panted and shivered a bit, the cold water starting to chill her scales, "We need to bring the shaman to the giant..." she took a few moments to let the image sink in, "... Jaw."
  2. Wave after Wave

    The gecko quickly turned her head to look at the direction of the source of this familiar voice and gasped, "You!" Nadas quickly grabbed Otto with her tail, pulling him close to Syndir. "You have lips. You need to breathe air into his lungs, now! Time's running out!"
  3. Wave after Wave

    Nadas coughs up some water as soon as she is pulled out, collapsing on the ground before listening to the booming, yet high pitched voice of Meri and weakly nods, but she realizes Syndir was unconscious. Before she did anything, the gecko attempted to perform cpr on him, checking for his pulse and using her hands to push down his chest with rhythmical, paused intervals, and she managed to mutter a "please. Wake up, shaman. We need you.". Without his mask on, she noticed the scarred face of this human and hissed, grimacing at the sight-- that, and the fact that Syndir was practically fried all over thanks to the contact with the Thing, made it worse. This one needed serious medical care, she thought. The condition was so critical, it would be a miracle if he lived.
  4. Wave after Wave

    As Nadas is carried away, she accidentally gulps some water due to the sudden grasp, at first scared that the larger aquatic-forest-beast had captured her. She holds on tight to whatever was taking her since they were helping her go higher to the surface, so that was good.
  5. Wave after Wave

    The crumbling earth and mixed currents made it almost impossible to swim properly underwater, and Nadas did not have the advantage of the greater sea serpents, rendering her swimming speed incredibly handicapped. To top that out, the light was almost null, and the deeper she went the more the pressure started to bother her. Also, the whirlpool that apparently she did not oversee was now beginning to suck her in as well. No. No, she can't stop now. Why is this happening? Nadas stopped immediately and pulled herself back a few inches, instinct telling her that if she continued she'd drown as well. She kept a straight, solid expression, staring at the sinking human. No. No time to think; limited time. Limited air. She pressed on, she wanted to. She dived deeper, the currents of the whirlpool inviting her to dwell into the depths along with the human, so be it... She reaches a hand out, eyes furrowed... We... Survive...
  6. Wave after Wave

    In the midst of all of the confusion and utter chaos, Nadas remembers the teachings of her old master, to find tranquility in times o-- "THE SHAMAN!" she chirps and then attempts to go after the falling human, which just collided into the water with tremendous force. The pain, she could even feel it in her bones! Oh, but the dragon was also wounded, and very much so. And what about the others that were surely trying to escape the grasps of the crumbling earth?! That, coupled with the fact that the island was sinking, left her with little choices. "I am supposed to be a physician, I am supposed to save lives..." the underside of her head swelled a bit with every tense breath she took. She had to decide, and she opted to believe that she could save both the dragoness and the fallen shaman if she tried. Therefore, blindly, the gecko quickly darted towards the water and, with what little strength she could muster, attempted to swim after Syndir, diving. She knew the dangers, but a fellow companion was in danger as well. She could at least attempt... Attempt to be useful for once. She tried to follow what little light remained of the glowing star thing, using that as a guide.
  7. Too bad, this is anarchy now. We take the thread from the_@nome and give it back to you, the people
  8. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Those draws are as usual extremely cute owo But them Ysul and Ria together is simply adorbs. Their faces and shiny eyes c:
  9. Version 1.2.1


    Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *shot* Hey there everyone at Klei Forums, let me present myself and my most fabulous friend, @Mobbstar Together, we went through countless hours of frustration to finally resolve this mod that in the beginning I started as something silly and that I thought would never see the light, but then again this wonderful person right here -> @Mobbstar <- offered his assistance with many, many coding THINGS. Oh by the way I helped as well with few codings and the art, but he also helped me compile the animation files and whatnot and ugh, I don't know where I would be without him. ANYWAY here you go, months of work (because basically procrastination, guys) have resulted in this character mod in which you can basically play as the character that is me, yes? Yes, that's basically it. Note: There might be a couple of bugs we have not seen so please do offer us with some feedback! So, less talking and more explaining what's this mod about, yes? Ysulyan (E-Zoo-Leahn) is a nature dragon from a world I have created a long time ago, he's also basically my persona in the internet, so I am basically doing something weird here by making him a character or something, I don't know. The thing is that we managed to CREATE this piece of work that might be-- okay I am rambling again-- ONWARD TO THE STATS. Basic Stats. Health(175) Hunger(160) Sanity(125) Perks and Traits. Ysulyan STRUGGLES with sanity in this sick little world he has been sucked into. Being so disconnected with what he loves and what he is used to seeing gives him a low pool of sanity which he must also regulate very meticulously. Keeping Sanity in check and trying to get enough wood will be your most important issue with this character, unless you know how to do your thing! 1. Being a nature dragon, he respects nature, he cherishes it beyond anything else, and thus: Chopping any kind of tree (but not mushtrees) drains his sanity by a ratio of .75 per single chop action, so you should either hire some pigs to do the job or find other means! To compensate all of this, he will recover sanity every time he plants any seed related to trees. He gets no sanity gain when picking flowers, and the Garland has no effects on him. Tree logs have a insanity aura. You should pick them up and put them away! But this does not mean he can't feel them there, like the husk of a once beautiful being that is now rotting in his backpack. The same happens with Planks and Charcoal! Standing close to burning trees will severely reduce his sanity, stay away from the yelling, dying poor things. Growth Spell: Kneel, gather your own fortitude and use it to help nature! He can use Health to perform magicks! By sacrificing his own health, he can bring back to life nature around him! This means that he can instantly make trees, plants, bushes, crops, anything grow! (Check the Magic Tab!). Performing this action drains health from him and he can't do this while having low sanity. 2. His world has little to no ships built, and whenever he sees one he does not trust them. He also hates sailing, and this is enhanced by the fact that he has no wings to fly away in case of danger. While on the seas, his sanity drains at a fast rate. So make sure you are carrying some sanity buffs while doing so and try to do your waterborne chores as fast as possible! 3. He's a dragon, so dragoons see him as some sort of distant cousin: they are neutral unless provoked. 4. Being a nature dragon, this means he is resistant to overheating but weak to cold. 5. Praise the Sun! Energies are abundant during the day! +sanity gain during the day. He will hit harder and will be harder to hit during daytime and he will be weaker at dawn (mod compatibility thanks to @Mobbstar) and dusk, even more so at night. 6. He's allergic to gunpowder and thus he does not even know how to make it because he hates it. 7. Neither does he know how to make the armoured boat, because seriously he barely knows how a ship works. 8. Scales! He has natural armor, meaning even without any crafted gear, he can resist some damage. Now go on and let me see those bug reports. *u* ........... srsly though share the feedbacks
  10. MEAT crock pot
  11. you do not understand the joy you spread by doing this
  12. mandatory pleated shirt at the bottom
  13. Wave after Wave

    (To her, he's been missing ever since he jumped off the ship)
  14. Wave after Wave

    Nadas assessed the damage and applied pressure on the bleeding wound to stop the haemorrhage, using both hands. Her eyes shifted to look at the barrage of fireballs hitting the hostile sea creature, and upon following the trail of fire, she noticed it was the little girl who was summoning them out of thin air. The gecko stared in amazement at this, unable to speak at the moment.
  15. To all of those who bother reading this, I am sorry I was not around when the countdown for New Year happened, but I wish you all a nice fresh start, if that's how it goes. I do believe that's how it is.

    I am not good for long speeches after traveling for 4 hours on a bus with little sleep, but I can tell you that I had a good time where I went for new year. (Yes I traveled somewhere, not too far away though). To watch the first sunrise of the year at the beach is something pretty beautiful.

    All I can tell you is... Just keep being yourself, but maybe better.

    Cheers c:

    1. Mobbstar


      Wow thats a wall of text right there riiight theeerr

      Hope you had a good night :)

    2. GiddyGuy


      Don't worry I wasn't really around cause I wasn't feeling too well on new years.

    3. DragonMage156


      Aw, wish I could have been there too (sounds kinda romantic). I think I'd rather do something like that instead of the cliche new years party :/ (not really a party animal tbh)

      Anyway, I wish you a great new year as well ^_^

  16. Wave after Wave

    The blinding light of the ray in the middle of the darkness hurt Nadas' eyes, forcing her to avert them and shield them with a forearm, coughing somewhat, since she could still feel some water on her throat despite having spat out all of it. She froze in place, everything was happening too fast. Nadas quickly stood up though, feeling adrenaline rushing through her veins. Her pupils were dilated to almost round circles and not only thanks to the low amount of light. Her throat swelled and shrunk constantly as a sign of tense huffing and puffing. She immediately ran to the first injured she could see, and the larger body Dragon had caught her attention, especially since she received quite the thrashing. The gecko knelt before her and checked for wounds the best way she could in that hectic moment. On the corner of her eye she spotted Niella being assaulted by the Glowing One even further. This was not fine at all.
  17. holy fucc i laughed so much at these, my vision turned blurry and dark at the edges
  18. I really like that experience mechanic you implemented
  19. you're not blind then, that's good
  20. Wave after Wave

  21. Wave after Wave

    Nadas groaned as she pulled herself off of the sand, spitting some off her muzzle and then turning around to lay on her back, panting as she observed the destruction before her, leaning on an arm. She noticed the little girl and the shaman-looking person were okay but where were Otto and the dragon lady? And also, what happened to that sentient Sharx? But most importantly, were they truly safe in that place, being watched by a gigantic, glowing sea creature?