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  1. Game broken for DRM Free version

    @bizziboi, thank you! 64bit version is working now. No problems indeed. PS: guys, can you update installers on GOG and HumbleBundle? Right now I had to download more than 500 Megabytes of data during update process. Crazy! And the worst thing is the speed of the Klei's server, which is very slow (I use 100MBit/sec internet connection and update process took more than 90 minutes). Installers are very old. I know that you updated installers for Mac and Windows on GOG this year (but not on HB!), but Linux version is very old (2016 or even older). Please update installers. Also, eagerly awaiting for Hamlet on GOG. Will rebuy it there. 64bit Linux version will be a welcome addition on GOG as well.
  2. Game broken for DRM Free version

    I know. I said that I used this option (Check for consistency...) and there are no problems. Devs need to fix the 64bit version of the game. Big Thank You to Klei for making 64bit version, by the way.
  3. Game broken for DRM Free version

    I am experiencing exactly same problem. I am using Debian 9 x64 bit. Steam's 32bit version is OK (Steam installs 32bit version on 64bit Linux; GOG has only 32bit Linux version too). PS: updater still wasn't fixed, brackets instead of text. Checked for Consistency in Updater using images from Google Search - it's OK.
  4. Guys, can you be more specific on how we we'll get Don't Starve Together key? I just checked my steam account and humble library - no signs of DST. I've got the game! It was added to my steam library! Thank you Klei!
  5. Hello! I wanted to know, how morgue works. Is it normal that it records every death in one world? I mean i checked first touch stone, then died. After that, being resurrected, i checked another touch stone (there were 2), then died, again (this time completely). Decided to check morgue - there were 2 records, connected to the same world (day33/day34, same character). Is it the way morgue works? Or it's a bug?