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  1. AI of Dupes get stuck on Suit change animation at Exosuit Checkpoint when there is: (This time for sure) Two working Exosuit Docks with an assign suits; Two working Exosuit Checkpoint in opposite directions (Either must be valid ways to come back); (Enable/Unable one of the Checkpoint will activate/deactivate the bug | Separating one way from the other one will get rid of the problem entirely) Another suit (unassigned) laying down on the same tile as the Exosuit Checkpoint; (Wasn't it, got it removed but the problem persist)
  2. My dupes will always hide behind their mess tables while eating. (in all of my saves) Come on guys, there is no reason to be shy.
  3. It might be especially annoying if you are early in the game and your trio starter build 2+ "hamster wheels" and research station before the batteries are connected, they simply stop their tasks to run indefinitely there with no outcome... =/ (The worst part is if you don't notice it for quite a while... Distracted planning the next sections of your base)
  4. Sugestion: -Bring her own game to the game -Get a bit mad when not playing -Alucinations are afraid of her might 1. Exclusive item: Portatil game, sanity boost while using (like a tool). Uses "baterys". 2. High insanity boost while not playing and a berserker might. 3. Alucination are neutral to her. (like pigs)