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  1. This all just seems really suspicious to me. I certainly wouldn't want "monetized mods" as part of my future portfolio.
  2. I'm expecting mid/late February, not sure where the idea it'd release today came from.
  3. Entirely a Wurt main after RWYS came out. She makes such a good farmer!
  4. merm for life I really enjoy Wurt, even when I'm not using her full potential! If I'm playing on public servers where the Merm King's resources aren't available, I get by just fine being a farmer that benefits more from vegetables, plus being able to hire a legion of Merms to gather resources for everyone is just... fun? There's something welcoming about playing as a character with a sense of belonging. (sorta like Webber, except spiders are only good at dying. More monster meat for him, I guess?) I also grew more attached to the character when they implemented the wetness tolerance a few of us were really hoping for. (thanks Klei, big love.) The only thing I find funny is that Merms won't give a hoot if Wurt is attacked, but go full murder party when another Merm is attacked. Balance reasons, I guess. My only other complaint is there is no way to make Merms friendly to non-merms faster (I know the Clever Disguise exists, but I can't seem to find anyone fast enough to save them from getting punched.), so far the fastest I've summoned a Merm King has been Day 14 on a solo world, maybe I'm bad, but if anybody has any tips I'd be happy to listen!
  5. I'd prefer if the time it would take to concept/draw/program and bugfix a Wagstaff rework would go into a new character/update instead. Yes, Wagstaff is a cool character, but yes, I do also think Winona (and WX-78) fill his missing shoes well.
  6. As for how the Spider even managed to eat Webber whole, there is Maxwell's quote suggesting they are almost entirely digestive system. Very, very stretchy digestive systems, it seems. Also, isn't Webber usually drawn to be the shortest survivor in most official art? Unless that isn't canon. Just a thought considering all survivors have identical heights in-game. Webber as a whole is an enigma, is that the boy's name? Last name? How exactly did he die before Wilson came across his skull? What a fun character to think about.
  7. My least favorite Winter skin is probably WX-78's. Not because the idea is bad, but I think it's just too much of an outlier to me. Maybe Winona's Snowfallen, too.
  8. I feel like he's a better mystery character if he's kept in solo DS.
  9. Oh, yeah. The pins just come with a free little random drop. Forgot what mine was.
  10. Personally, I really love the tales art style, fits the whole hopeless atmosphere of the constant, but overall I'd say artstyle doesn't really matter all that much. It's fun to see the crew in different animation styles, and allows each of the artists at Klei to have fun with how they draw the characters. I'm sure it'd be a lot more boring/time consuming if they had to teach every single animator to stick to one style like glue.
  11. Wurt has become my unironic default pick. If I don't plan who I'm going to play, I just default to Wurt. She's easy to feed, and super fun to base in the swamp with. I used to rarely choose Wurt, but the new farms (and the wetness changes hehe) alone make her much more fun. Basing in the swamp is viable as Wurt now!
  12. For some odd reason this is making me crave a walls + placement update, the camp in the musical looked so cozy!
  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! ILOVEE THE VOICES THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! I love the constant's design in this, the designs, the movements, the camp with walls looks so cozy!!
  14. My choice is Winona. She's at the same point she was before her rework, almost never played as. She's better now, of course, but still severely lacking. I feel like if they could update her once in a while with a new building, it'd be pretty neat. Giving her an entire tinkering tab for just 4 structures, one of which is just another generator, is rather... dull? There's a lot of fun to be had with a character who takes after her boss' inventive mentality, and it'd be cool to have a character who updates along with the game with new buildings. Winona seems like a pretty important lore character, but she's almost as rare as Wes, heck, maybe rarer? To make her less of a pick-swap character, there could be a system that allowed Winona to upgrade her buildings, but require a new fueling method that only she can do? Think Bernie, his weaker form is still accessible to non Willow players, but his stronger form requires Willow. I can already think of a catapult upgrade that shoots quicker, less damaging shots, but is much more accurate. It could require rocks to refuel, but only Winona would know where they go? I 'unno. (on top of that, perhaps allow the hammer to degrade Winona's buildings back to their all player availability in case Winona leaves?) (P.S: I could see Winona making a sprinkler-like structure for farms and the like.)
  15. Wicker's new book seems to be missing a quote for Wurt. (Horticulture, Abridged):
  16. You guys are making my heart too full! Happy Holidays to you and everyone on these forums.
  17. I would, but you don't physical see the razor unless you drop it or have it in your inventory. Thanks a bunch though, very thoughtful of you to share this information with those who were seeking this one out.
  18. I'm not sure what they'll do, but for right now, the beta has the RWYS update screen with Winter Feast's snow and music on top.
  19. Thank you all for your responses, suggestions, and thoughts! They are all a good read and neat ideas!
  20. Hey there! This is just a poll I thought I'd make after some extensive playthroughs as Walter on private servers and public servers alike. I'd like to know what everyone thinks of his slingshot's damage, versatility, and usefulness. The reason I bring this up is I often see the argument that melee is almost always a better alternative for Walter, since he has no penalty or reason not to as long as you don't get hit. Please feel free to discuss and let me know what you think!
  21. Just gimme wheat as a new crop and some new recipes and cooking will be refreshed for me.
  22. Thankfully when the RWYS update leaves beta branch, everyone will have access to the Watering Can, meaning early game fire prevention with the ability to extinguish fires. Sure, it won't help against hammers, but at least you'll be able to stall their efforts long enough to kick them. I can already picture scenarios where someone tries to burn base, but they're constantly stopped, forcing them to either leave, get kicked, or waste time getting the materials for a hammer. By that time you can notify everyone else and they'll be promptly booted.
  23. So the two I chose were Wolfgang and WX-78, and before anybody snaps my neck hear me out. Wolfgang, while having a fun personality and charming quotes, is a very basic concept for a character in a game like this. Eat get big, don't eat get small. He supposedly has a phobia of all things scary, but apart from quotes, this really means nothing. He doesn't really come across as scared, both in his "downside" and appearance. (still find it funny that he has one of the angriest faces in DST and that does not change when getting scared.) WX-78, for me, is a character who's perks are tied to random chance or ruins. I can't seem to play 10 days casually as the Soulless Automaton without getting called out for not having the entire ruins cleared yet. Their overcharge mechanic relies on Spring, someone dying and reviving at a touchstone (but most usually quit the game), or Wickerbottom. Their eating gears mechanic relies on ruins, tumbleweed chance, or compromising early iceboxes/ice flingomatic for stat gain. Their "damaged by water" downside feels non-existent, and the ability to eat stale/spoiled food is cool for prolonging I suppose, but when people make food it's usually consumed instantly or they plan to consume it in the next 2 minutes in a fight or something. My only hopes for their reworks is that they are given some fun new additions that make them interesting to play, the character ideas are solid, just slightly dated, in my opinion, of course!