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  1. Walani does have some potential pirate backstory if I remember, so she could fit in. She could also receive a pretty big refresh, like Warly. Since apart from her surfboard all she does is dry off faster and starve faster, which is pretty bad. I still think she would make a great contrast to Winona's personality, which would be funny to see.
  2. It'll be nice to see Wickerbottom get played regularly for the first time in YEARS from what I've seen. I remember the days where everyone wanted a Wickerbottom, but nobody wanted to play her for some reason.
  3. Just a few little things I noticed in the curio cabinet: Some of Willow's animations display the Victorian skin's nose detail Wurt & Wortox have the ghosts of other skins Wortox's Minotaur ghost is used here and Wurt's Abyssal ghost is used Wolfgang's mighty/wimpy forms both gain his Survivor skin's arm bandages + scars. You all did a fantastic job with this update, and the skins are amazing!! Big thanks!
  4. We can cross that bridge when we get there, just report any bugs you find and I'm sure Klei will take care of them.
  5. They're very good for quick play sessions, especially for a nomadic playstyle!
  6. F in the chat for Don't Starve's original monkey Wilbur. Welcome aboard, Wonkey, i'm sure you'll be barrels of fun.
  7. I feel like priorities should be finishing the character refreshes before any new characters.
  8. The DST boats feel more like boats to me. (and they take into account multiple people)
  9. I'm really hoping for some new character skins. They're my favorite part of any event because they can be used year-round. I'll always prefer permanent content additions, but I guess the events are cute.
  10. Wait, Wilson's the third most popular? I hardly see our funny haired self-made scientist friend anymore. I thought it might've been because he was too boring to play?
  11. I miss Wickerbottom. Who else am I going to borrow (steal) books from as Wurt?
  12. It really should spawn the bosses at the Terrarium. I get it's a cute reference, but it's reference over good design.