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  1. I miss Wickerbottom. Who else am I going to borrow (steal) books from as Wurt?
  2. It really should spawn the bosses at the Terrarium. I get it's a cute reference, but it's reference over good design.
  3. Yeah but the beta we participated in is loong, loooong over. It was nice, but I feel like the bottomless pit was overdue to become available to everyone else.
  4. 3D terrain could add so much. Still makes me think of that amazing mountain vignette that Wickerbottom has. Mountains could make for a cool usage of winter gear outside of winter, too!
  5. I feel like any extra effects would just be distracting. It's fine the way it is, in my opinion.
  6. Even though I had the Bottomless Pit skin from EA I never used it. Just didn't look that good to me lol Glad everyone else can get it if they want it.
  7. You folks really, really, really delivered on fixing up Wurt. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you guys do, means a lot!
  8. I'm making this thread for a friend of mine who plays Webber, they find it makes spider wars sorta difficult as Webber will attempt to pick up a befriended spider instead of any spider drops. Thanks for reading, much love!
  9. I think the point of the rework was to de-incentivize eating gears.
  10. No way! I remember suggesting this name on a thread about merm names! Welcome home, Flurgle.
  11. More character skins, feels like it has been a bit since we got a bundle of em'...
  12. Thank you so much! I assume this is what froze me instantly hehe
  13. I do sincerely like them all, maybe not gameplay wise, but definitely story wise.