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  1. More BatWilson and Waven in modern au x3
  2. If you have a precise and interesting idea maybe yeah ^^
  3. ashgejdfhgre thank you very much ;;
  4. thanks <33 mouhahaha his mun lol
  5. Live, Suffer and Die. Bwilson with my piercings lulz <3
  6. thank you <333 (I just love creepy stuffs~)
  7. thank you <3 hop hop more art btw
  8. Modern Au sketches of my bat Wilson x3
  9. thank you very much <3 and there is some sketches of another 'version' of Bat Wilson and a final pic because I liked the pose ^^
  10. Can you just not asking me requests like this ? I'm not a printer ;; Thank you ;v; thank you very much <3 ahah I've always loved mermens so it had to happen <3
  11. thank you very much ;v; Sorry I don't take request like that :T And I've redo my tarot card !
  12. Completely forget to post my DS art here lol here are the two pics I've done for my babu Lavender, MerMaxwell and MerWilson ^^
  13. thanks <3 Well I was thinking about Wes with a balloon, Wolfgang with dumbbell, Woodie with an axe, after I don't really know
  14. Coming here to post a strange concept, Ds characters with object heads
  15. Thank you very much all ;v; omg...;A; thank you so much *roll on the floor*
  16. And a redo of an old piece~
  17. New DS art and wallpaper size ! *now fly away*
  18. No it's not for the DS tarot project. Mine was already done and it was posted here. Thanks c:
  19. thank you ;v; The secret santa is a way to gave a gift to someone and to received one randomly ^^