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  1. First things first: Bunnyman ≠ Pig; by this logic I can argue why Merms does not drop just one fish or frog legs. I consider bunnymen as a more advanced mob than pigs. They deal more damage, have HP regen, attacks in groups and have flee mechanic. It makes sense for them having a little better loot. For the pigs, both drops are nice and useful, you either get 25 hunger points or an item that can be make into an armor or weapon, but with bunnymen you now get either 12,5 or 25 hunger points or an item that has basically no good practical use. With the old drop table, you always got at least 25 from carrots with a chance to get another 25 from meat. Yeah, I know, it's kinda weird, but my reasoning and main source of frustration comes from that the whole nerfing was done because of how easy and overpowered it is to setup a farm (with or without catapults) without making any compromise for non cheesy killing of them. It's like that the catapults and civil wars are the only ways how to kill them and that you can encounter them only in farms.
  2. The only thing I hate about this nerf is that killing a bunnyman by yourself no longer feels as rewarding. This change was healthy for mass productive food farms but not for regular play. Nowadays if I run into a lonely bunnyman I rather pass knowing that I may get only one bunny puff from killing him. My solution to this would be that the old loot table is applied only if the bunnyman was killed by a player or Abigail. Any other source of killing including catapults and other bunnymen would result into the new loot table.
  3. May I ask for link or closer information about the fix/change to the bee boxes? Are they more productive now? And for the thermal food; I think it should have something like duration decay that is based on your current insulation. For example: 0 insulation - 5 min, 60 insulation - 8 min, 120 insulation - 1,5 day, 240 insulation - 2,5 day, 480 insulation - 4 days. Max duration should be 4 days if you are willing to wear 480 insulation for the whole duration. Whenever you unequip any of your insolation clothing, the timer decays faster until you put it back on.
  4. I know this is not an optimal way but you can light it up with the torch and hammer it right after.
  5. Whenever I die in a slightly stupid way caused by my own stupidity (forget to put on armor, carrying meat near bunnyman, being greedy, ect.), I always get mixed feeling of disappointment and anger, so I refuse to use meat effigy, life amulets or touchstone and rather deleting the world or cheat myself back right in but it ends up deleted an hour later anyways because of guilt. Doesn't matter how many days the world has, I've lost many 300+ day worlds like this.
  6. You make it seem like developers should adjust themselves to a mod.
  7. Yes, I get it but does it add anything to the game? Also in singleplayer DS this is not a thing. Edit: If it is because of the characters get scared then deliver it in form of quote and don't interrupt me in middle of sorting or getting materials.
  8. For QOL update I would appreciate that lightning will no longer close chests and fridges when I'm looking inside of them. The closing seems to be rather pure annoyance than something that balances/makes the game harder.