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  1. Whenever I die in a slightly stupid way caused by my own stupidity (forget to put on armor, carrying meat near bunnyman, being greedy, ect.), I always get mixed feeling of disappointment and anger, so I refuse to use meat effigy, life amulets or touchstone and rather deleting the world or cheat myself back right in but it ends up deleted an hour later anyways because of guilt. Doesn't matter how many days the world has, I've lost many 300+ day worlds like this.
  2. I would make it that there would be a special boss drop in form of blueprint or food item that would make the domestication permanent till death if it’s given to a fully domesticated beefalo. I would much prefer if they would make it that it needs to be earned instead of blandly changing it.
  3. You make it seem like developers should adjust themselves to a mod.
  4. Yes, I get it but does it add anything to the game? Also in singleplayer DS this is not a thing. Edit: If it is because of the characters get scared then deliver it in form of quote and don't interrupt me in middle of sorting or getting materials.
  5. For QOL update I would appreciate that lightning will no longer close chests and fridges when I'm looking inside of them. The closing seems to be rather pure annoyance than something that balances/makes the game harder.