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  1. So you can just get the best backpack in the game around day 15/20?

    This is practically a cheat.

    Yea and i agree but it is a mod,if somebody of us do not like,he or she must do not download. =] It is like: giving some steroids for an athlete. Everybody knows that is not right but still doing. =\

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  2. If it is "crafting pause", what is this?


    Probably the same thing. I didn't notice it through the myriad of mods.


    Good catch


    It seems like it is the same concept, but mine is every so slightly different. It only works with the CapsLock key (probably the only way to open it with a Controller). That mod seems to pause it as well with the mouse.


    I would have saved a few hours if I had found Relaxed Crafting. 

    Ok,I just interested  :wilsconnivingsmile:

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  3. This is just me throwing Idea for someone to just grab. You know what's a better Backpack?

    20 Silk

    10 Beefalo Wool

    5 Blue Gem

    2 Ropes

    1 Winter Koalefant Trunk

    1 Gold

    1 Gear

    Now there folks, Wilson has harness cold one again and invented the "Coleman". Ofc let me not make it an Uber OP thingymajig.

    Coleman Perks: 30% Spoilage Reduction on perishables, 12 Slots, can carry all kinds of item

    Ah,that is a good advice! Like!

  4. Isn't Mabel suppose to be the one who must have the longer cold resistance? Why? Duh, sweater? Also, Waddles is the Pig so why not make another mod which makes/summons something like a Pig skinned Chester? Btw, great art I'm sure making a real Waddle isn't gonna be a problem.

    I like sweaters =)