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  1. I used to make a few sound/voice and even character/gameplay overhaul mods which I put tons of work and free time into to make them come to reality. Some loved them but most really hated them for being too "creative" and "different than the classic Don't Starve experience". So a lot of people were negative, unhelpful or even straightforward mean to me and after a while I stopped making them mods and even deleted them which I deeply regret up to this day. So my advice, don't give up. If it's not for the others, make mods for yourself. It's just you who knows how much time, effort and work you put into creating your mods thereby you are the one who can appreciate them the most. Don't let others' opinions drag you down or stop you.

  2. 14 hours ago, Asparagus said:


    L, L, L, L... L... Love is not restricted with a single day... nor are ships O__O They are everywhere... it's all around us O__O

    sheldon-bugspray+1.jpg O__O



    Ain't gonna lie. That made me chuckle so hard that all my tumours came out on my mouth. Congratulations. You've cured my cancer.
    But at what cost... Now I got autism.

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  3. (This roleplay getting more and more interesting)
    (I just noticed that the Gestapo is quite similar to that metro police or combine. At least in behavior)
    (I'm not joining yet due my condition can't be called just fine but sometimes I check up here, what's good. Take care for now everyone in the dark corners)

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  4. On 1/15/2016 at 4:32 PM, Asparagus said:

    acts out of boredom and sadness... occasionally tries to hug people...

    (I'm 100% his hugs doesn't influence anyone! *sarcasm*)

    Simon asked his employer to let him go home earlier because a Gestapo officer said so. His employer allowed his request and he left at 6 pm. Even so he felt like he's missing something, a crucial thing that he always takes with himself. "My MP3!" He said to himself. "I got to go back for it!" He thought. Simon took his way back to the Gestapo's Apartment where their experiments take place then a thrill went down on his spin suddenly. He turned around and saw a patrol walk out the next street. Just stared after the patrol as it disappeared. In fact he had stared if a blinking street lamp hadn't distract his always going yet right now empty mind. Simon took a glace at the lamp and saw a shadow disappear behind the narrow dead end. He knew what he saw. "It was a shadow!" He thought to himself. "I shouldn't..." And he carefully begun to move in the direction of the lamp.

  5. 35 minutes ago, Panos166 said:

    so i wanted to know if the new soundtracks from the new dlc will be added at the song list for steam.

    Sure it will with time or ask an admin about it. Like @JoeW

    35 minutes ago, Panos166 said:

    also i wanted to know it is possible to change the main menu song. i am a fun of the original song but the new dlc changed it. i didnt mind it cause i liked the new song too but then they change that song too with another version.

    With modding of course.

  6. 12 hours ago, Lord_Battal said:

    I have an email thread specifically for spamming him to post.





    Vincent pops out of a radioactive barrel looks around. Shouts "Hello?! Anybody in here?!" *but nobody came*

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  7. (So far so good guys. @Asparagus, holy moly. As I read this I was filled with excitement. I keep wondering what's all this 'round Jeff.

    @Mobbstar, it's fine! Looks good to me :)

    @WaddleDee, tomorrow never comes... Nvmd, it does. Maybe tomorrow.)

    Simon woke up early in the morning, still having the words of that officer from yesterday in his mind. Dressed up in his casual outfit and took his suitcase with his laboratory clothes in it. "A new dawn a new day!" He said cheerfully. "Maybe today I'll make some progress with my research. The Gestapo counts on me! So do the people!" He said to himself.

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