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  1. Seems to be a general problem, not limited to medbay facilities. My showers are working as usual, but lavatories aren't producing polluted water.
  2. I can second 1 and 3. Frozen animations aren't limited to digging beams, a frozen frame of a plant being harvested has happened to me, but all such frozen animations have gone away after a while (culled by the game?). I've also seen the the wrong animation being used while sleeping, eating and researching. Usually a tantrum animation, but once sleeping while researching. Had a blank bottle attached to a deactivated unbottler once as well but that sorted itself out too.
  3. Okay, I went back and did a mod-by-mod test...I have to apologise, because I missed a mod (actually two, but it wasn't Strongbox causing the problem). Somehow, Link breaks the Philosopher's Stone.No idea how, since I'm playing as Wilson, but that's my offender.
  4. I'm having the same issue as 4430. I'm using Architectural Geometry, Backpack & Amulet Slots, Charcoal Burner, Dawnbreak and Rechargeable Gems. Right-clicking the stone on stuff allows it to charge just fine, but right-clicking with the stone on my amulets (one at 30%, one at 0%) gives me the 'I can't do this' message. The stone also seems inconsistent...I charged it up to 100%, quit my game and when I reloaded it, it had 0% charge. Melting a twig for 1%, I quit and reopened, and the 1% charge was still there. Right-clicking with nightmare fuel on the amulets also gives that error message.