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  1. I experienced the same problem on PC version after I picked up poop inside the grocery. The pig can be found outside the house and still accepts endless clippings for coins, but it just refuses to get back to work! I tried restarting which didn't work, neither did burning down and rebuilding the grocery store
  2. It hit me again. This time on my house. I entered and all things but not the house textures were visible. Left house, went back in and got the black room screen. log.txt
  3. Went in the first temple on day one. I entered the second room and immediately went back to the first by pressing space. That's when the bug hit me. log.txt
  4. The first picture shows the map, second shows the room, third is the same cave after restarting the game.exe.
  5. I have no use for it. I won't redeem the key. Just keep it. I'm outta here...
  6. I bought ONI on 16. Feb 2017. Just saying! Then why not letting us choose a giftable game. I would have had use for another copy of DST to give to a friend. Like others stated in the thread before. But this is just useless and feels very unfair. But nevermind...
  7. As I understand it, this gift was supposed to thank people for their support by buying an early access game, and a compensation for the relatively higher price paid in comparison to the now official price. Well, here I am, bought it, supported it, paid more.... got nothing of use! One would get other loyal skins like mini monument and bottomless pit, etc. by having bought DST early or owning ROG no matter where it was bought. That is, why I think the limited skin value is nonsense in this case. If this really results in a loyal skin, they should name it "The Loyal Steam Customer Skin", cause the only way to get it, is by having bought all the games at the Steam store.
  8. Of course they can't know if someone has a standalone version, but the argument of limited skin value is nonsense imho. Giving out a skin to every alpha buyer who wants one instead of a game would have been the right thing to do. It's even less valueable in real life. It's not like giving a skin to everyone but the people buying the alpha and son't want a game or have them all. So others get a limited skin 'cause they bought the games on Steam. And I will be stuck with a game, I already own, because I bought it somewhere else. I didn't even want a game. That really s***s. I own every major KLEI game and bought ONI on day one without hesitation as I did with DST an even DS in beta, and now I can't even get a bloody skin. That's a huge disappointment!
  9. While I am really thankfull to receive a gift, I am disappointed as well. My only choice is between "Invisible Inc." and "Mark of the ninja" which I both already own as a standalone version. Why those restrictions? And why not a Button for an skin gift to choose? As I read, many people have are facing a similar problem,, that they only can choose a game they already own. But there seems to be no answer anwhere in the thread.
  10. You are right. It happens all the time. Never noticed that before.
  11. I didn't see what happened, but somehow i have a dupe stuck in a tile. Don't worry, little Saul survived after his mates dug him out.
  12. The bug has been fixed as of Build 189505. Thank you, Klei!
  13. So the other day my standalone version upgraded to 189297. When I tried to open my SW safe, I had a crash to desktop while loading, shortly before completion. Eversince I can not start any SW save games or get newly created SW worlds to run in the lastest build. Though I can create ROG and Vanilla worlds. However if I revert to Build 171894 everything loads fine, even SW games that were created and crash to desktop while loading under the latest Build 189297. I tried reinstalling all game data twice, though I kept one save slot, but still can not play any SW worlds. log.txt
  14. Jaiiii... Thank you for your answer... Got the Humble Bundle. That means i can buy the Frontier Pack for my son and don't have to buy another copy. I' ve been so sad when I missed the beta subsciption as I'm excited now. You guys saved my christmas! And even more, you created my top favourite game in my 30+ year gaming experience. A game I will always return to... A truly amazing game. Thank you!
  15. Hello all, i couldn't find an answer, and i still don't get it. i own DS as a stand alone version not on steam. so i won't be able to play early access? does my stand alone key work on steam, or do i have to buy another copy? because waiting for the final release is definitely not an option! please help my confusion... edit: found the answer to my own question. Sorry.. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/15989-how-keys-work-post-launch/