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  1. Oh boy, another art thread hu?

    oh man oh boy is that Xjurwi? The man himself, who I have not seen a ridiculous amount of time?
  2. Been a long time since I actually settled down to play this game for a respectable amount of time and I just hit summer on day 56 (I think.) Hounds are looming and I have yet to re enter my game because I had to stop playing about when I heard barking. Curious as to see what your guys' strategies are when fighting hound attacks that are too numerous to kite? Also, the possibility of overheating is there as well. I could wear my Eyebrella but then I would be missing out on some juicy damage absorption from my football helmet.
  3. IMO It's the Night Light. On its own its useful. Stops you from dying in the dark being its number one use. But why would you ever spend nightmare fuel and gems and stuff to make something that a fire pit accomplishes just as good or even better? (but i mean it looks kinda sexy on your base so there's that too)
  4. Generic Fanart Thread Title (Requests Open)

    I've wanted to know the source of this song for so long and you have finally satisfied me
  5. Generic Fanart Thread Title (Requests Open)
  6. Why am I? Who is this place?

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    2. TooMuchHoneyHam


      my birthday is coming up soon and that means I've been here since like 2 years ago, granted a lot of that second year was spent dead, but hey

    3. greenglacier


      Eating too much honey ham isn't that bad.

    4. Halved
  7. Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    hay i em liv i liek dees comiks
  8. some art :D

    Can I request a drawing of a Batman-Warg?
  9. some art :D

    I'm not dead anymore, also I like the FNAF art.

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    2. TooMuchHoneyHam
    3. Gaberrrrr


      Yeah just Ignore them like I do.

    4. Zomsabra


      The cons of going on break for a while.