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  1. DaverGamer: ... DaverGamer: wha DaverGamer: WHAT DaverGamer: WHAT DaverGamer: WHAT DaverGamer: WAH DaverGamer: WAHT DaverGamer: WHAT DaverGamer: WHAT DaverGamer: WHAT DaverGamer: OH HoneyHam: boi DaverGamer: MY DaverGamer: GOD HoneyHam: il rek u HoneyHam: swern me mum HoneyHam: it bongarong DaverGamer: IM UNBANNED DaverGamer: I SWEAR TO GOD DaverGamer: IM UNBANNED DaverGamer: HOLY SH DaverGamer: WTF HoneyHam: I've learned to not trust you HoneyHam: So DaverGamer: NO SERIOSULY HoneyHam: *doubt8 HoneyHam: doubt. HoneyHam: DOUBT. DaverGamer: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/user/208926-davergamer/ DaverGamer: LOOK IM STILL HERE DaverGamer: LOOK AT ME HEE HEE HEE DaverGamer: HEE HE DaverGamer: IM ALIVE AND WELL DaverGamer: HEHEHE DaverGamer: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HoneyHam: Damn, bro. Great.

    1. HoneyHam


      tl;dr Daver's unbanned

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      I have no idea why after reading this I think of this song:

      But yes, WB Daver!

    3. Crapplejacks


      What had happened?