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  1. Just thought i would say hello and thanks for bringing me onto the team. Looking forward to working with you all. Regards XainFaith
  2. Alright well ill keep that chat room open when i can if you have another method of communication you prefer feel free to let me know via a private message. Regards XainFaith.
  3. I have lots of free time at the moment it seems, if you have ever used irc before ill be siting in a temp room see below. a web based irc client: http://webchat.freenode.net/ Channel #TempRoom1229 just itching to do a project of some kind and i am by no means an aritst Regards XainFaith
  4. I may be doing a project currently but i have a good feeling i will have plenty of time on my hands to give you a hand. my programming background is not really mods but my understanding of syntax is quite there you can check out my dev os at https://github.com/XainFaith Kind of new to lua but that will not be an issue its a scripting language and it will not take long to pick up at all, don't starve uses a com model which is nice and i am moderately familiar with. At any rate let me know if you want my help and we can setup a project repository for scripts etc, and maybe get one or two other team members is not a bad idea. Regards XainFaith
  5. After poking around some it seems that the actual action of gaining a friend is not directly tied to the brain however if you want custom behavior then you would need to implement some things in the brain to follow the com model that don't starve uses. So for befriending a rabbit one would need to override the rabbit prefab to add in some code to allow for it to become a follow of the player. Further more if you wanted custom behavior when the rabbit is a follower of the player this would be implemented in the brain as part of is behavior or decision tree. In any which case i should be able to help out and it seems to be pretty straight forward any tricky parts will be with custom behavior itself. Getting the befriending process to last longer it self should be fairly straight forward as well. If you like i can setup a temporary chat room at some point and we can talk about it in more detail and you can let me know what kind of project setup you have for a code repo if you have one or not etc. Regards XainFaith
  6. Nycidian i will need some time to do a bit of research on the brains component for this com model system give me a few hours to do so but i am fairly sure i should be able to help out. Regards XainFaith