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  1. is it working on the newest update of DST??
  2. sad.. this one is my favorite mod in the DS, i wanted to use this with my brother while playing DST but its not compatible hoping for those modders to finally update this one.. thanks for your hardwork before though.. "insert thumbs up emoticon"
  3. well i need to find the door 1st ahah.. which is yet to be done. ^^ i was actually shocked about the spider nest i actually didnt mind having it go to 3-level-high cause i was harvesting silk and the healing thing.. didnt know it was a transformer -_-
  4. and i thought surviving winter 2x and making a stable base is enough.. now i have to find all those freaking thins o_o ahaha i sure hope i can do at least of those things.. ill try the "EW" thing on the pig king,.\ and how do you create taffy?
  5. i really dont know what u guys are talking about ahaha.. so much things i haven't started yet.. i found a butter but i ate it ahaha i think it appeared after burning the pig that annoyed me ahah.. thanks guys.. i sure hope i can do all the things your saying.. and about the shop? what and how can i do that?
  6. yap.. thanks i somehow found it out on the forum..ahaha thanks by the way.. and ow how to go play the adventure mode.. it says something about divining rod ryt?
  7. after unlocking woodie the tree-eating-squirrel i now cant get experience to level up again. like i died in 5 days and the experience bar doesn't even move. there is a word in the lower right of the bar it says.. "In Cap".. what does that mean? please help