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  1. Hello, I was wondering if me and my friends could finish and port this mod over to don't starve together. We'll of course give you credit when we are finished. My friends are huge superjail fans. ^^

    Actually, I was hoping to create a DST version of this mod, but I wanted to complete him first for Don't Starve first (since he's incomplete in his current state). Though, if you're interested in helping me with code/converting him into a DST character, I would be willing to accept help on that. And I'm glad you like him! :)

  2. Truffula fruit should spawn in truffula trees and be harvestable (similar to berries). Taking the fruit should sometimes spawn a brown barbalute. Killing brown barbalutes should add to your naughtiness (they're innocent!) and attract the attention of the Lorax (maybe he should have a points system like Krampus does?).

    Better yet, a snarling Lorax replaces the treegaurd!


    Or both! 

    I was thinking about the krampus system for the Lorax actually (except for trees, I don't know how I'm going to do it but I will figure it out). I don't want to rid of the treeguards, but, rather, add the Lorax into the equation somehow...


    (also that's such a good idea to make truffula fruit a droppable item for the truffula trees! Thanks, I will probably use that.)

  3. This-this is truly unreal! I'm taking it. It's mine now. The world will crumble.


    Thank you for this mod. I hoped someone out there would do it.

    As an artistic critique that is solely from my fan side, would you please round the character model's chin? If you don't want to do it, I will do so and send it to you if you want.


    Thanks greatly!


    And yeah I was thinking about that too, the main ANIM files for all of them need a little tweaking. (Warden's will be the toughest for me as in the photoshop file I accidentally merged his face and his eyes together when originally they were on separate layers, but rounding the chin out shouldn't be too hard, haha)

  4. If I were you I would finish first one mod only before doing other chaacters ...


    Yeah, that probably would of been a wiser idea... I guess I wanted to post them as a set rather than separates?

    Next time, I will probably focus on each individually as they are updated rather than update them all at once... for my own sanity...