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  1. willow totally could use more things right now all that she can do can be done with a normal player with a scalemail I think shadow flames would be cool its fire damage but not hot damage so willow can use fire to her advantage without putting everything into jeopardy. these new flames can have the original fire tick damage since in together they cut fire tick damage in half. Stuff to give a reason to use willow fire stunning is great and would be a nice thing to make more powerful to willow with shadow flames. s
  2. They could toatally do it without having to make the whole thing an event that you need servers for. They did the whole server thing so that people would not cheat for the tournament. But then people made client side mods and binds to do frame perfect imputs to ruin the whole fun of it. i remember i decided to not even take part of the gorge tournament because of how optimized it was. I did however did three man deathless forge which is ruthless and time consuming lol if they do bring another event don't make it tourny based or else you will get the same results you did before with not even getting money from it. Don't starve together has been rising in popularity and play count since those days. forge actually gave the highest player count in years for its debut. but now there is actually 3 times as much players daily than there was during that event. so it is a possibility for klei to try again with the forge gorge and the morgue lol its all dependent on how klei wants to approach it. since we still need our sanity event since we had the health event(forge) and hunger event(gorge)
  3. Now that merms and spiders can wear helmets and other hats slurpers should be able to latch onto them.
  4. Wendy video is UP! This aint exactly a mythbusters but still part of my content This talks about stuff that people may not know about wendy and abigail and the interactions she has in game.
  5. the ranching is possible considering you can raise tallbird eggs. It was a mechanic done long ago but was never done deeper. would be cool if the raised tallbird can make a new nest to make a way to make more tallbirds either for defense or for meat.
  6. griefing protection code wise kind of makes the game worse though. I can understand people are completely untrusting of randoms. I remember some one killed me with a weather pain (back when you used to be able to do that) Just because I harvested the honey from the bee boxes. But to force that type of play style of territory kind of makes the game unfun and it can also ruins it for others Yeah it helps very specific people who enjoy that and want that in a public setting But majority of the time people who really enjoy base design already play on servers with griefing protection mods or they play on their own worlds. Like i consider myself more of a nomad player Hopping from base to base and providing items to the bases. I follow tactics like burning trees in winter and so forth and playing on these griefer protected servers actually makes it harder to survive in the game. What klei did which is leaving it up to democracy and the servers is great. Its not crazy meddling to where you can't have a vanilla experience So there is just enough player protection that at most you end up loosing maybe 8 minutes while playing. I think a thing klei could add potentially is server annoucements for when things that shouldn't light on fire is lit on fire. Dispite the source. So that way the players and even server owners know what happens when they look at the logs of the servers And they can evaluate what was griefing and was wasn't And you do have the choice of what servers you play on. Be it the ultra modded servers that turn dst into an rpg or your standard vanilla experience. You get to chose how you play this game.
  7. I have to say that this does not work as well as it used to anymore. you would have to use more gunpowder because every boss has a gunpowder resistance after 10 seconds of recently getting hit by gunpowder. This was done so that you cant just immediately kill bosses with stacks of gunpowder each doing 8k. you can still do it though if you wait 10 seconds after the boss takes damage. the damage reduction lowers over time so it can still be possible to do but you do need more gunpowder than 20 if looking to farm scales 7 and 16 gunpowder is needed to get the scale if lit at the same time. you can still do 7 and 13 and do the rest of the damage with a spear. if want to save some resources. The damage reduction is actually based on the amount of gunpowder used. for each gunpowder in the stack that blew up the boss gets a 2.5% damage reduction to the next gunpowder blast in the next 10 seconds. 1=2.5 2=5 3=7.5 Ect..
  8. Majority of the time too public servers are reset anyway. Nearly All the klei dedicated are survival servers Which means the world can just reset when no one is playing. majority of the time your work is not permanent unless its on an endless server. and if you really want to make a base can make it in a secluded location where no one would find easily like don't base in common areas like pig king or oasis. or just keep your bases minimalistic That's usually how I tend to play. Endless servers though are usually group ran and have moderation much more than klei dedicated servers. So those are a good place to help mitigate griefing. over the years griefing has gone down significantly with how easy it is to fix via admin mods and also the vote systems that klei has implemented for standard play. I feel klei has done a pretty good job in mitigating griefing though the games life span.
  9. The thing about wicker is that she has always been a feedback loop. once you craft one thing you can potentially Make infinite of it sivilculture is your paper churner on tentacles will give you your spots back. birds and sleepy with meat/eggs to nightmare fuel from over reading. i think why people are arguing Is just how finite the iridescent gem is. yes you could theoretically convert the first 2 into 6 and exponentially grow. And honestly most people would probably do that. But the thing is this honestly reminds me of the old argument of pig houses The argument of hammering vs not hammering wild pig houses. yes you could potentially farm more pig houses if they are in one area. But then that makes that world not as good for newer players As they don't have the forest pigs to help them on the starting journey. I believe that finite resources in the world should stay where they are despite how well intentioned the player is. being a player that has experienced Pig extinction and bee extinction in servers its not fun to play. use the moon event to bring pigs back used tumbles to bring back bees. (yes the server farmed tumbles for bees.) That .1% chance.
  10. There are certain things though that this update really brought into mind. Like rain can really screw over players if they are not ready for it Ever had that day 6 autumn rain that lasts for half the season. There are certain things that klei really had to to change about characters. LIke woodie and willow were ones affected woodies infinate hammer and mining was nerfed for together and you couldn't do it all the time cause the log meter would get filled up. Plus the sanity fires from willow that being a random element would really destroy bases back then because dst did not have the smolder mechanic it used to have the instant lighting that single player don't starve had. mean technically a wicker could troll with tentacles and end is nigh anyway. Ive seen it happen In the years of being a moderator for some servers our tools certainly have gotten better with dealing with griefing.
  11. thing is iridescent gem can only be gotten with caves enabled so that means players cant even get the book if they are on a surface only world.. I say make it with moon island stuff like the moths Something not early game but can be gotten consistently.
  12. New mythbusters out Going into details about the Most important rock in the game!
  13. Thats pretty cool Thats modded though right? Cant build a world like that normally? would definitely give more need to sail since I see no purpose to build boats at all.
  14. That kind of falls into a collective illusion though Just cause something exist for years does it mean its the right thing? because times are changing and the game is being updated Each character needs to be reevaluated to see how they match up to eachother Cultures have this as a big problem Just cause something existed so long the residents of that culture don't question it. It takes a big question and one people may not like to really get the idea into peoples minds. This was how science was back in the day. Because it countered what was the societal norm of religion. I was playing the game when they added maxwells ability to read her books and the devs gave the same exact reasoning you did back then and that was maxwell was magical so he could use her books. But now things are different Every character is getting refreshed. And, are becoming more unique and stand alone. So much so that no character relies on another to access their full kit. I have explained reasons But you don't believe those are valid reasons. IN fact The most valid reason is that maxwell is going to be refreshed too. and in every character update Each character has been made more unique to try and entice players to choose that character more. And just like how wx is no longer dependent on wickerbottom to get his perks. maxwell too will follow suit. do you not see that? lol forums are a place for discussion so its okay lol i feel like now adays its really hard to have a civil discussion just because people tend to immediately make the other side the villain mostly due to that what is said goes against what is believed. I feel more people need to be heard But there is always going to be some form of scrutiny its so easy to hate another person online and it really has become that. so much so that people hate just because they feel they have to like there is no middle ground anymore. and its crazy to see lol but no worries. i know I probably got your blood boiling a bit.
  15. And this is the forums which im allowed to say things. just cause there are a few people here that don't agree with me doesn't mean that its not a valid point a lot of times this site honestly is nothing but a big circle jerk. "This is not how i feel about it so your thoughts are invalid." The thing is there is always going to be different ways to play this game. I play wendy and i like to farm spiders someone else may think im bad because you can just automate spider farming with bunnymen. Does that make my way of play invalid? no it doesn't we just enjoy things differently. And the thing is Why the heck does it matter so much to you if maxwell does or doesnt have this? You already said to me you wern't going to swap and that you would rather stay wicker. You are trying to argue to me the idea of wicker not being a swap character. But instead you gave me arguments of why you don't like maxwell like cool if you don't want to play maxwell thats fine but That does not deny that it is an option people can take Whether or not you or the other people here like maxwell is beyond the conversation. Because the thing is some people would think like you and believe its not worth changing to maxwell and deal with his downsides and others would think its more beneficial Because not only do you get wickerbottoms perk books but you also get the abilities of maxwell its all based on how the players think. And it changes depending on who you ask.
  16. Cool go ahead and do that That is exactly what I want people to do So that way each character has their own unique traits to them. So where you should stay as the character to reap the benefits of playing them. If Wicker isn't around her bookshelf, the regen is twice as low. So you will be forced to wait twice as long to use the book. Even so What book are you using more than 80 times in 10 days? The only way i see that being a thing is if you are non stop farming an automated farm with lureplants and such But then again each lureplant only gives you 15 slots of items of whatever you are farming. most of the times people are not mass farming like that consistently they do it every so often when the resources are needed. 80 uses on krampus farm? would probably do that in one whole session. and you can only do it during the day and dusk as the birds try to fly at night when spawning. so it will take a few days. Plus you can even swap them out so if you have 2 book cases of the heavy use ones. If constant farming. is done. 80 uses 10 days swap them let them charge as you have 80 more uses.
  17. i don't mind that there is an interaction with the characters. but the example you gave is actually not the same. Because it would be more as if warly could make his crafting stations. the spice grinder, crockpot, and seasoner. And everyone can use those stations to make the food so long you knew the recipes. You can do that technically because there is a cook book to jot down recipes. but for balance and the use of warly only warly can operate his cooking stations. Thats the same argument im trying to make here.
  18. and that is the point really We are going to see what klei is going to do. They already removed a synergy with wx and wickerbottom and exchanged it for winona and her generators consider the fact that Maxwell was only given his shadow puppet stuff he still has his refresh coming and i feel they are going to remove this synergy just cause i think klei knows that the community doesn't want swap characters. Why do you think everyone dislikes the way winona works? Because she is the epitome of swap characters.
  19. all of that is literally your own opinon on how maxwell is it doesnt mean people don't do it I know people who swapped to maxwell instead of staying wicker just cause it was more convenient than playing with wickers downsides. So you saying that no one would ever do that is unfair to the fact that people did Maxwell is going to get is own content later and they are going to remove his ability to read wickers books In the same way wicker does. Why is maxwell the only character that is allowed to use books That is the same as wicker? in your logic then wicker should be able to read the codex umbra and summon her own shadow minions? or maybe she should be able to summon abby cause its a magical item? or even summon large bernie? Come on man! we only have around 16 characters no one should be able to do the same exact thing as another character special abilitiy
  20. the thing you are arguing though also goes in the aspect of what i am saying too What if a person perfers to do maxwell instead of dealing with wurts downsides? theres so many possibilities that we cant even fathom based on player and preferences. But for sure though based on stats wicker vs maxwell now only difference is that wicker cant eat stale is immune to sleep and has slightly higher stats. considering for the fact if both were to have infinite books
  21. That all comes down to preferences and what the player values. so though those are valid points it ultimately is based on each individual player. regardless if you can provide reasoning against it maxwell is a great starter wurt is better for late game when you have all that but minons are far better early game. since you don't need to be near a merm or have a bunch of pigs nearby to farm. sanity and stuff does exist but that doesnt exuse that people still have problems with wicker
  22. The thing is another character should not be able to use a character specific item to them its kind of why winona is kind of bad and to a lesser extent willow because players can only use bernie as a tank vs how willow can use him to fight same with her lighter everyone can use it but only willow can cook on it. you get a character specific benefit by playing willow with her unique items. But other players get marginal benefits. everyone can use winonas items she just needs to craft them. No one can use wendy's flower No one can use lucy No one can use walters slingshot no one can use warlys cookware. No one can use wolfgangs gym. It was interesting that maxwell can use wickers books but for the sake of keeping characters unique he should not be able to do the same effects wicker does. Just like how wurt can use them but only gets sanity There are items in a characters kit that help other players and thats fine but they don't get the full effect as the player playing the character does. sisturns wortox healing. wigfrid songs. Wx thermals
  23. Thing is if you compare to what wicker has vs what maxwell has there is a problem wicker has Maxwell has book usage and crafting Usage of all books Immune to sleep better resource gathering has trouble managing sanity Consistent sanity regen and ability to use tents Higher max sanity below average health Half normal max hp. maxwell basically gets all of wickers perks with none of the downsides. And all he has to do is trade the higher max health and sanity of wicker Thats a really dang good deal And if you choose to not take advantage of that sure you can do that. I don't swap characters myself and i use pigs to chop wood. but i play wendy which is easier to collect meat for pigs.
  24. I don't swap characters I am a wendy main. but that doesn't mean people aren't going to optimize it You have to realize that is an option. Just cause you wont do it doesn't mean others won't Just like how they got rid of the end is nigh synergy with wx They are going to probably remove this synergy with maxwell. Wendy used to be a swap character Because people would swap to her to make a sanity station but its not as often any more. I personally think winona should be able to pick up her structures as an inventory item and be able to deploy and pick up at will. vs them being structures. I want characters to be played because thats the only way to access their abilities. If you give a character the exact same abilities as another character then it no longer makes that character unique. Wicker only has books so its very important to her game play. That would be like giving any other character abigail. Which is the core mechanic of wendy.
  25. LIke for real this update just fully cemented wicker as a swap character even more. you only need to play wicker for the initial crafting of books and book cases. If you were to craft every book with its stand alone book case you will never need a wicker again. Why play wicker when you can play maxwell and have most of the benefits of wicker MInus the hp and higher max sanity. But you also get the benefits of base sanity regen and shadow minons?