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  1. This isnt really a bug but more so an exploit Boats should do enough damage to kill players but not bosses
  2. I am still going to keep this up for the creators to consider Beefalo taming needs a rework too when the item you leave to keep them tame doesnt even work This is still why best option would be to give an item that you can take with you to log out with the beefalo tied to the item like how the lavae tooth
  3. I want vanilla to have this option because the mod is only useful in small circumstances. In vanilla it would pretty much act like the lavae tooth.
  4. it wouldnt happen cause the person who was taming it will get an item that the beef is tied to so only if that item logs off the beef stays. which means the person would have to some how get it from your inventory. Also now maybe the item the beef drops allows you to see the beef on the map. Like how the medallion shows the atrium key on the map.
  5. yeah but i play on servers that don't have many mods and most endless servers don't have that specific mod. It would be much easier to have this be part of the game rather than it being part of a mod. Because, it would only open up a small amount of worlds and places a person can go to or just make your own world. But being nomadic hopping servers and playing with many people then it is not a possible solution cause then I would have to ask every world i join to get the mod which would be more of a hassle.
  6. Im saying this mostly cause i really love using domesticated beefalo in my kit but because i dont have much time to play as b4 i cant constantly build salt licks on endless servers to keep that beefalo maintained. If that endless server kept playing a stack of nitre only lasts about 20 hours of continuous play so i propose why not drop an item like how the lavae does that makes the beefalo a follower capable of leaving the instance with whoever is holding the special item the beef gives you once domesticated
  7. crash due to moles
  8. log text of the crash log.txt
  9. From what i can tell if you have abigail hitting multiple gnats this crash can ocassinally happen.
  10. the lemon mouse was from a conversation my family had on the topic of lyme disease and mice. through out that though we would call them lyme mouses. and that is kind of what gave the idea for the lemonade stand. using the lime mouse creatures. and thanks! I thought you have been seeing them on the discord channels though.
  11. i have not posted here in a while. so heres a small dump of pictures!
  12. could a gif be a gift if the gift is a gif?
  13. colored version for all the folks not on discord
  14. snow filled nights knocked out gotta be fast!