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  1. Well a bit of both yeah. primarily this is for stuff that would not fit into a video on its own so I am kind of chunking it into pieces. Right now I got enough to do a fire related mythbusters. so im doing that right now.
  2. Thank you for the narrowing of ideas! There are a few of these I have done already and others that i feel deserve their own videos I did split some of these up for categories though because some of what is suggested are ones that did exist and was patched and others are just old strategies from vanilla before they added reign of giants. These are ones above I have already covered in some of my previous videos on My hitstun video and my moleworm creature facts video. Thermal stones Are actually very detailed and totally deserve a video on their own. I remember there was a post here on the forums that actually went into full detail about the thermal stones and when insulation helps. I remember the consensus being that Thermals provide the most benefit when at max insulation. plus there is always a benefit to having both insulation and a thermal stone.
  3. Game doesn't really need too much in combat would like more interactable weapons though rather than them just being more or less damage. The forge already gave a example of how weapons can be adjusted. And if the gorge changed how we do farming Why not let a little bit of the forge inspire combat?
  4. Don't starve has always been a game of experimentation for me There is so many things you learn to do that you would never think of. This is a compilation of some things I saw that were strange but not strange enough to put in their own video. So I have decided to start up a special series that ties into my love of science and experimentation and I shall call it the. Don't Starve Together Mythbusters series Don't Starve Together Mythbusters 1 If you have any ideas you want to see tested go ahead and comment on the video and I will take a look at them and give my seal of approval
  5. The main problem with combat is that forge is a thing. Forge introduced at least some decent ideas to combat. you got throwables which is just waterballoons and the rang. Though they are hardly used and one is used for farming. Different abillities for equipment. such as the dash with wigfrids spear the dive attack or even the multi jab from the other special spear you got gear that explodes in your hand you have a sword that can parry. (reskin to thule club) Lunge attacks with the hammer. book smacking? There is quite alot of potential that klei already made but is not using. I think would actually be quite fun to see them change up combat in the game. Since it would add much more to the game rather than it just being (this does more damage.) We have seen experimental usage with items like the spear thrower the coconades the blunderbuss but those are all single player since dst had the forge I think focus on implementing combat skills from that would be best Ie Dashes Lunges Sky drops Summons Barrages. But keep them unique to specific items Rather than make them general use
  6. I mean wilson was probably the best character to play pre strange new powers. all the characters were rather underwhelming at that point. wx only had stale food wicker only had the science tier wolf was just 1.5 x damage wendy could die from abby spawning randomly at dusk and night. wes didn't have his balloons. willow just had fire immunity and i think the sanity fires too. wilsons perk actively helped him in the original game. since winter was the only challenge to worry about. plus he could always make 2 lives out of it every season. wilsons perk is actually pretty nice. But its sad that powercreep has really left him behind.
  7. Think of it like this you are only ever going to need to grind once. yeah you will need to grind multiple books. but you will have those books forever. The only 2 instances you mentioned are the only time you will need to spam multiple books. and yes i have dealt with the wicker grind. wicker is a postive feedback loop the character. you do one thing and it benefits the other. The other lets you make more of the original and it just keeps rising infinitely. What you are saying is not hard to do. You can still get the trap going with my proposed system It may not be the best for rushing. But it is best in the long term gameplay of the character.
  8. she already has a grind for herself Lowering the amount she would need to grind is always the best option. besides you are telling me that grinding sanity food is worse than grinding reeds you are basically doing the same thing. The cooldown is just so you cant just spam one single book reading. but you can still spam books. if you have multiple. and when are you going to be having multiple books on you? The only instance would be to make tentacle traps. you can read 5 on tentacles with full sanity. thats 15 tentacles usually i remember it takes like 30 -45 tentacles to trap beequeen. your birds of the world vs sleepy time would be invalid because the cooldowns would be over by the time you kill all the birds. (if doing it solo) if not doing it solo then yeah you may need like 3 copies of each book so that the first will be off cooldown after finishing the last. of course numbers can vary but i was thinking having the cooldowns be like 1 minute. The only times you would need multiple books would be if you are using a lureplant to pick (this depends on how many you have planted since lureplants can only hold 15 inventory.) but That all is just the fact that the player is already decicating that time and space to farm. 66 sanity per reading for krampus farming that one if in a group can set up some sanity farms too do the boat trick to have 2 sisturns next to each other for 50 a minute. glommer tam? or even just farm honey / cactus you are telling me that getting 250 sanity worth of taffy is hard to get? plus nightmares also give you that sanity aid free 66 if 2 terrors show up. also you are wicker... you can farm tomato onion and asparagus for cheap for the 33 sanity salsa or veggie stingers or even melon/ potato (spiralled tubers give 15 sanity). IM just saying that majority of what wicker does becomes a feedback loop. Where she can farm one thing to get more for another and repeat the same.
  9. Wx was always a selfish character and his rework still reflects that. every benefit wx got before the rework was because he either ate a slightly harder to get resource (gears) or used another characters item to avoid winter darkness and slow travel times(wicker chargeing) The synergy now just moved to winona for his charge via generators lol. Wicker is going to be more interesting. I would say There is definitely lots of spells they can implement for wicker. Lots of different magic items. I was kind of thinking of making it so that her books act a bit more like wandas watches. Where they have a cooldown but you can craft many if you want to use a specific spell multiple times in a short time frame. This would drastically cut down the need for reed farming or the almost necessary reed trap set piece for wicker. I feel though infinite books need to come with a downside Which would be that wicker cant cast spells if she does not have the sanity for them. Frankly im looking forward to seeing more spells and make wicker be more of a mage character It would certainly make her more unique out of the cast Rather than just being the support farming character.
  10. Mmm Interesting I know they took it out for beefalo riders though. cant do it anymore with them. This though just makes me think of why people like wanda so much. The High Base damage she can reach Range Abilities to counter damage or dodge it completely via teleporting and backstep Mass teleportation network across the world. Her and wortox are like the only characters that have mechanics that allow them to have a much higher skill ceiling.
  11. This was patched long ago for dst so im not even really worried about the lantern stuff. it was just an example. Another thing I remember got changed recently Was animation canceling while fighting. it was kind of similar to what occurred in the forge. Where you could multi target and attack faster. It was a problem during the forge because people were writing scripts to maximize their times and the forge was a competition for deathless and the fastest times. IN the PVE Survival game mode you can animation cancel while inputing a movement direction on a beefalo or by swaping weapons. I was a bit sad for this because i practiced this alot while being on a beefalo. This would allow you to attack faster than normal getting slightly more than 2 hits a second in. Which is about normal attacking speed. It was actually kind of hard to do with ping involved. But it was something that dealt with mechanical skill in the game. But since normal survival is the pve game mode it is. Learning animation canceling actually felt like a skill earned but was taken away.
  12. Well My use case is more being on a beefalo or when the item is wet. if the lantern was wet I would put it in my mouse so i don't get the sanity loss from the wet item being equipped and 2 would be using the lantern when fighting the bearger or goose at night. They have abilities to knock your hand item off and they still do it while riding a beefalo. so I would put the lantern in my cursor to avoid that. But also having the lantern stay lit can be useful for easier placing. "The lantern is displayed green?" I have never seen the lantern displayed green. You can drop the lantern on the ground if you drop it close to you. but dropping it further away you cant. It does seem though klei changed that Interaction Before you used to not be able to do anything in the darkness because it made placing in darkness invalid You could circumvent that by using geoplacement. But it seems klei has changed that. so that you have more options in darkness
  13. The only reason that the lantern should still have light while in your cursor is so that you can place it on the ground. Which is why the normal bugfix affecting the whole item in the hand slot did fix that issue. However in the recent update(QOL one) you can't hold a lit lantern in your mouse anymore meaning you cant drop it at night from your hand you would need to use the drop command instead. This also kind of goes into other mechanics that were changed Stuff like being able to animation cancel. you had to be fast to be able to get any benefit from it. This part kind of tied into my other thread a bit. Where there is really no more mechanical skill in the game. But thats a whole other discussion. I just fear that because I want to share some intricacies of the game; that potentially those unique things end up getting patched out. I Mean I was the curator of the original sanity station and it mostly got taken out. Which I don't mind that thing broke a core aspect of the game which was sanity. lol Can you give your reasoning behind it?
  14. So Im typing this in here because I am currently working on a tips and tricks video for wendy. From the years I have played as this character I have amassed some tricks that players may not have noticed And I would love to share them. However Im worried about shareing them. Because many times before I have shared a trick to make the game easier it gets patched out as a bug due to it being "unintentional design." one common one in the past I shared was that you could hold a lantern in your mouse cursor and hold another item in your hand slot. so you could use a lantern and either cane or a weapon at the same time. this was patched out so that equipping an item in your hand slot while your lantern was in your mouse would turn it off This makes sense. Recent updates though also changed it so lanterns in your mouse hand does not give light anymore Which why i don't understand why they took out. It was just a silent patch. But you can see my problem with wanting to share knowledge. I understand patching out bugs that are game breaking and unintended Like being able to walk in the void using gates However there are some small patches that really make me not want to share information Just because I fear The information I want to share is a bug that gets patched out. What do you guys think? Should certain quirks of the engine stay if they do not harm players or make the game look broken?
  15. It feels like when dismounting in a sandstorm it like doubles your slowdown from the sandstorm if you are not wearing goggles the slowdown persists outside of the sandstorm and can only be fixed by remounting the beefalo