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  1. a more interesting rework definitely would be to give her unique combat abilities. She is a performer after all and not only in singing but you need to be dramatic as well. I really like The idea of having wigfrid do The spear dives from forge dodge rolls from wheeler even the multi attack while using the inspiration as a make shift stamina bar so that way its not spam able and it requires it to be earned through fighting. My thoughts on it is that wigfrid is usually played as a tank, and gives no regard to taking damage she even gains inspiration from spiky bushes and cactus (I think she is secretly a mashochist). But she is at her best when played with skill. so i think it would be best to try and subtly teach the player to fight better with wigfrid. Since she is mostly chosen because of her abilities. i think we can keep some of the fight songs. health 1 sanity song the durability song and just like how the scare song and the aggro song take a chunk of inspiration Why not have a battle command song that uses inspiration too But instead of it being an item to hold in your inventory it works more like a blueprint or to help with inventory problem why not be able to combine songs together to save space and gain all effects. Main thing i would want would be battle command stuff that can be done maybe with button inputs (maybe a bit like moose?) Right click while moving= mini dash like forge spear x3 attack input =multi attack like other forge spear with wigfrid Battle spear exclusive = skydive attack at full inspiration. just some ideas. maybe holding shift can prepare wigfrid for a roll and wig will roll in the direction she was going (has to be moving in the direction for at least .2 second maybe to help compensate for lag.) There is lots of possibilities And the thing is Klei You have made all these assets already! Why not use them!
  2. Yeah was thinking that since this game has all these variables that can adjust damage I was wondering what would be the best way to show a single stat rather than having all these other variables. This is the thing in this game where technically yes every character can do just about everything but when to factor that is is more based on the player rather than the characters and this is why despite having some tier list every character provides something a player wants in different situations which is what you listed there and I think that is what is fun in this game All feedback is appreciated I want to see what people actually want me to do a different what variables should be included in further rankings.
  3. Did a little fun to see who has the top melee damage in the game!
  4. This seems to happen if you kill the merm king with the aid of other merms but the merm gets the final hit? im not entirely sure whats causing it to crash but here is a video and the log [00:02:30]: [string "scripts/brains/mermguardbrain.lua" is the crash area in the .lua client_log.txt
  5. This isnt really a bug but more so an exploit Boats should do enough damage to kill players but not bosses
  6. crash due to moles
  7. From what i can tell if you have abigail hitting multiple gnats this crash can ocassinally happen.
  8. the lemon mouse was from a conversation my family had on the topic of lyme disease and mice. through out that though we would call them lyme mouses. and that is kind of what gave the idea for the lemonade stand. using the lime mouse creatures. and thanks! I thought you have been seeing them on the discord channels though.
  9. i have not posted here in a while. so heres a small dump of pictures!
  10. mind has been dumb in making new picture ideas but I have got some now 1 is done while the other still needs more work but i wanted to show the idea