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  1. I personally don't like this one cause anyone who does this never cleans up the stingers
  2. Usually this bug tends to happen when abigail's aggro time ends as an enemy steps out of her range she still thinks that her target is in range thus not moving till it's over about 7 8 seconds or until the enemy moves or the player adjusts abigail's position to refresh her ai
  3. I would personally still stick to needing the springs to cool down b4 being able to form new glass from the bath bomb but maybe enough of a cool down that it would be advantageous to go to each moon pool in a cycle maybe like 10 seconds b4 the bath bomb becomes glass so that way you can still bolster the amount of glass you get in a night past the current spring limit? With this I'm thinking like how fishing works if you want more fish in a short amount of time you swap ponds fishing only 2 or 3 out of each. That's where my idea comes from
  4. The post was written very well i am not sure what you mean by that.
  5. I feel the people who replied should at least read what is being said. Though klei will be klei and do what they will This would have been an interesting avenue to direct woodie and his curse. Woodie i feel has really gotten the **** end of the stick on many things. Think about it woodie has been redone 2 times effectively completely changing his core mechanics. There will certainly be outrage considereing klei has changed his status quo many times. This can leave to question what did klei actually want to do with the character. We will see what will happen in the future but I for one am for seeing the vamped up version suggested by the Op it has many traits early on and can also be useful late game rather than it just being gimmicky. I would end off with an analogy woodie himself is the embodiment of a tree. Many start off not knowing what to do but over time they build up their support and are able to do anything they put their mind to.
  6. Potential Next Rework

    Wendy doesnt really need that much for her rework just needs a bit more control over abby I would suggests a few commands like stick to me abby stays on wendy but doesn't attack and she has a dimmer light so wendy will take full sanity drain from darkness like full darkness while using only abby as light and the other thing i would like is to make it possible for abby to be intangible to body collision so she doesn't get blocked by mobs
  7. Yes pick all the flowers farm homeless bees and make more!!! Besides they respawn in spring
  8. I could still do it in a cave which is permanent night mind you so it's not out of the realm of possibilities I and the equipment I chose was to simulate the equal equipment of the were moose being 90 percent dmg reduction and hambat damage My main point is that the moose can only do the fight for so long b4 you need to retreat while wendy is only limited by how many abbies she has I would say moose wins over early on but wendy is better in the long run Plus I did the stack cause that's how they were testing the moose in strictly the moose fairs way better if they are stacked like that since it gives a better chance for you to charge through I can still do 50 sacks planted normally which would make it much harder for the moose I could do this with a torch and just abbies if you want me to heh it's not my first rodeo
  9. mean you can basically do the same thing right now too just wait eat and then back to transform mode I am saying this so that way things can be more streamlined make the character less clunky and invite skill to playing him.
  10. Effectively give Woodie the power to transform at will. Have the penalties occur on transforming like lose hunger (were meter now) but you can stop it to save your hunger.
  11. So lately many people have been discussing about the rework of woodie. Some are for it and others are against it and some are trying to figure out what are the best ways to use the forms they have now. I wanna try and figure out a good compromise for the usage of the forms without them being too strong. One of my main thoughts was just give woodie the ability to transform at will no idol eating or random chance with monster meat. He is not a wilba. he is his own unique form of "were-ness" and with the moon update I would think woodie would gain more powers as shown with the new transformations but instead He can hone their powers. I am thinking this primarily from the animation you can see woodie change his forms at will to try and combat the leif (treegaurd) This is what he should be able to do to streamline his play. Being able to make your game playable and have smooth transitions into the actions is more important than allowing animations to carry out. This is why the combat is so much better in dst than in single player. In single player attacks need to carry through the whole animation before you are allowed to move again. While in dst you can move after the attack has hit to allow for better combat and dodging in the multiplayer realm. It is still possible to have all of the transformations but i would think make it as quick as the beaver transformation was, but still cancel-able so that way if you really don't want to transform at that moment you can stop it. So what am i suggesting? I am suggesting make woodie able to transform at will and as penalty have it be the hunger drain like how it is now, but have it drain at the rate sanity drains currently. Each transformation that isn't back to human woodie takes away 30 were points and your hunger as human woodie shows how long you can be in the transformation. if we can some how bring back pine cones then you can also add a sanity penalty back to keep the challenge of keeping creatures away. each creature would have its own drain rate to compensate what each transformation can do. goose being the fastest standard drain; beaver being middle but can replenish the were meter; moose being the slowest drain but loses some tied to the damage he takes. some of these are just ideas but i feel we can adjust them to make woodies gameplay with the transformations still challangeing for new players but capable to be mastered by veterans.
  12. I actually did some more work for not just dealing with wolf but to make the spices more relatable to the rest of. The characters other than just having each of the characters doing 170 200 damage and that was an adjustment to world's foods in general I for one don't want klei to do a power creep setup since this isn't a mmorpg they have put years of work in the content we have now for all of that to become rubbish is kind of crappy I think. I'm still hoping for shadow bosses since there is animation for the boss statues shaking But here is a suggestion to the damage and jelly foods that I think makes it seem more balanced I like the flat damage upgrade idea for the spices people have been posting I'm thinking 1 7 damage points would be perfect since it would pass many damage thresholds for many common weapons for all characters Spear 36 53 for standard characters 26 -43 lowers the hit ratio by 1 which is pretty good honestly axe becomes spear spike to darksword And that also means characters with damage buffs don't benifits as much I kind of like that more makes it useful to all They still get one less hit Axe 21 spear 26 wiggy spear morning star 33 spike 39 ham 46 darksword 51 38. 43 wig spear 50 spike 56 ham 63 dsword 68 So it deals with the pesky 200 hp multiple enemies like terrors and bunny men Unlike how war beef does with only 66 And everyone does one less hit Because if you notice almost each weapons take into account the lower dmg characters so they stay in certain thresholds And also how weapons have basically one tier lower dmg Darksword 68 51 Spike 51 38 Spear 36 26 Axe 26 21 And I would think make it so you can only have one buff at a time So can't stack Either choose electric or pepper Pepper being more available for sure And change the amount of electric to 1.5 like how the morning star and darts are But make those weapons stack with the buff For a x3 on wet Well I may be doing the math wrong Cause base damage is 27.2 plus the 1.5 electric for 42.hguffcjb Maybe with both make the electricity with morning stars and darts to x2 instead of 1.5 3 Correct me if I'm wrong but that would be pretty good for all But is guess
  13. Time for me to get yelled at :think: Watching some new videos crop up with warlys buffs has been making me think. specifically wolfgang i know what you all are thinking This guy is trying to ruin our thicc man lets get him!! But hear me out look at how the game was initially made. Don't starve is meant to be a difficult game And it is nice to be able to see team synergies work in Don't Starve Together. But, wouldn't you agree that If the base game challenges can basically be overcome with 2 people doesn't that make it seem a bit too much? So my proposal to get things out of the way is basically keep wolfgang as he is But give him a vamped up version of wormwood's trait wolf would call it "everything is chicken" Meaning he gets no positive benefits other than food from eating. I think this would actually be a suitable downside to the character since lets face it what his downside is now is pointless. Having this as an added downside actually amplifies more of his current downside so it doesn't really change anything neccesary to the character other than how he can gain stats.
  14. This isnt really a bug but more so an exploit Boats should do enough damage to kill players but not bosses