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  1. tentipiller has 750 hp and in order to fight them without any other method is get about 1 -2 hits dodge out of the babies and you can hit the babies when they are vertical making your way back to the tentacle repeat till dead
  2. bacon and eggs? its stew all the way! at least this isnt as bad as the time when the devs made it so that you couldnt feed cooked monster meat to birds
  3. i think this should be changed wolfgang has the lowest skill cap in the game
  4. yeah its called killing it grab a few pigs and take that snot!
  5. any mob that has a panic state when getting lit on fire cause them to stay in that state and not attack for the duration that its in the fire/ on fire which is why the mobs dont try to attack as they are constantly trying to escape. as said this dont work on all mobs only the ones that panic while set on fire with the only exception being clockwork rooks.
  6. nah i do have a bunch of info on the game just cause of how much i play it which is why i say give every character a chance and that wicker and wolf arent the greatest just cause of first hand experience. wicker pitters out and wolfgang is just boring to play. I want everyone to at least acknowledge the work klei puts into this game which is why its so beautiful and that these 2 characters arent the best. since everyone is the best and puting everyone together with competent players just makes the world generated just get dominated. and on the aspects of wolfgangs i do play in a server mostly dedicated to a specific group. you ma y have heard some people talk bad about us but thats just cause they are too salty to just admit they are wrong. Dont doubt any of the characters as each one can do any thing the others can. if you want come and join me in a world. i can show you things you've never seen that would make your quote on quote OP characters cry. honestly we dont have any people that goes and do that on their own cause we do like to play the game. whenever there is a boss rush everyone can get in on it.
  7. being a wendy player having a beefalo is just amazing and i constantly use mine to the fullest. never had it die cause of stupidness. and also alot of people say that about abigail aswell. but you just need to know how that character intereacts. which is why wicker and wolf are lower on the skill scale cause so much has already been found out. that you can just make a quick search and you would know everything about them.
  8. beefs are good but they should only ever die based off of what the player does. you shouldnt have your beefalo near the wild ones just cause of that whole herd mentality. salt licks are only there to hold the beefalo when you are gone or dont need it. but that also doesnt mean they dont need to be feed after domestication cause they do. domestic beefs dont go into heat so the only thing that would aggro them would be hounds. but then again you should have your teeth trap field or tentacle field to deal with those. so i dont see how you have so much trouble. penning them up is also a way of keeping them in the licks range and scaled flooring can keep the licks perserved without needing a flingo. there are so many things that can be done and for the fact you dont see the multitude of what can be done bothers me. this is going to be the last post im making
  9. try that in any season other than spring and give me the results on that
  10. you can if you know how to fight i do this even without resistance as you can just make a quick kite to reset the fires timer. same goes for willow except she can stay in for much longer getting 4 more hits than other characters without scalemail so that then means it is a willow specific tactic to use.
  11. here is your fire proof and that isnt the only mob that this can be done to.... though every character can use this with a scalemail but willow can take advantage of it more with her resistance. you also are putting them to a higher pedestal than they deserve... honestly they are kind of fine as they are cause just from experience wicker loses her use over time and wolfgang inevitiabally just becomes a boss fighter. the other characters alot more viability and even survivability in the long run.
  12. woodie doesnt need flint unlike how maxwell does. and can also live forever if you can deal with the nightmares. that in itself is a pretty nice thing to know. willow can live in summer without gear and also can completely negate sanity creatures with enough bernies. can actually fight the enraged form of the dragonfly without scalemail can fight a lot more creatures with fire than other characters stun locking those creatures. and she can also almost instantly restore all her sanity with a stack of logs and a flingo. more broken stuff to be discovered soon.... wigfrid being a vampire can basically allow her to never have to bring healing to a fight. unlike other characters. The whole algorithm of how often she gets extra stats is based on the damage you do vs the damage the monster does. high damage low hp is actually the best. wendy has alot of ai tricks with abigail and also the fact that you can have more than 1 ready at a given time already disowns her downsides. that and caves is so amazing for her too. wx.. and wilson dont really have any strats as one is just a tankier faster version of the other. And that wx can just charge himself with a telelocator staff and moslings. maxwell can efficively act a bit like wendy aswell as to his resource farming. if you know how to manipulate follower ai and enemy ai Wolfgang on his own is just a boss fighter... thats about all there is to his character. and wicker though good alone basically just becomes the mass basic farmer in later servers as people just take over all the jobs that you say wicker can do. cause i do know for sure i do get annoyed when some wicker decides to plant tentacles on my spiders or bunnymen. you can also already mass farm krampus without birds of the world. all you need is multiple boomerangs if you arent wendy or wes. and with wendy all you need is bunnymen to farm up krampus.
  13. the most recent tech wickers have employed is tentacle traps with walls.... and the only tech wolfgang has is the increased healing while wimpy. thats about it. what tech are you going to say is so advanced that they can do? putting beefs to sleep during the day so they can shave? or maybe picking up an item while you are going mighty as wolfgang to cancel the mighty animation.
  14. There are some characters that just have a higher skill cap than the aforementioned wolfgang and wicker. Have you ever seen any new tactics that are employed by a wicker or wolf. They are the simplest characters to get a grasp of which is why they are the ones most likely to be gravitated toward. Now as you mentioned there are a lot of things the other characters can do way better than these 2 simple ones just cause of ingenuity. It is just up to us to find those skill caps. I know I am especially with wendy. thats cause you are playing her wrong all ranged weaponry other than the sleep fire darts and the staffs are affected by her dmg multiplier. it is one abigail can deal with multiple t3 nests even during the day if you know how to deal with them. Also for the aspect of her damage you can just get the meat tank of a beefalo to mitigate that on the surface. Wendy's less damage is hardly a detriment if only in caves but that is also countered to the fact that abigail is always at full power down there. also in order to deal with that mobs have a higher health now in together a wendy can counter that by making as many precharged flowers as she desires to respawn her sister. i for one like to carry around 4-6. 9 in spring for that frog rain chance