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  1. ive always enjoyed onery tendency. i actually don't really use the war saddle all too much. only really on basic mobs regular giants and the beequeen i have the war saddle on him just to get the most out of his damage before i have to swap off other surface fights are done much more smoothly with a normal saddle or the glossamer. ie the shadow pieces and dragonfly. can take on dragonfly without any healing or flute with a normal/ speed saddle ornery beef. if you are good at the kiting pattern. and the t3 shadow rook can be kited with a normal saddle on him.
  2. Oh that is nice. So it is something they are intending. lately it just seems that we are inundated with developers taking fun out of their games. So, this is a good thing to see.
  3. scalemail is the 2nd item i make. the furnace really is strong But when you learn about fire stunning it makes scalemail that much more useful. plus no need to worry about fire hounds. I like to use it most on a beefalo so that way it doesn't take damage but you still have the immunity
  4. scale mail is great you can fire stun lots of enemies but its doing its job here. you take less damage from lots of small mobs it means you wont get stunned as much yourself. meaning more dps.
  5. I made a little video about something i found during the update and it really changes the early game for lots of characters. I hope you enjoy it!
  6. I think that is the main problem with tier lists every character can do everything but i think its the aspect of efficency. you can kind of run it like this. These are my top positions where the characters belong. at least for every task you may encounter. which characters are best at collecting resources early on. max woodie wurt wendy wicker woodworm ...The rest.. Which are the best at doing things quickly aka speed runs. wolfgang woodworm wortox Which have the most useful tools for survival. Warly wicker wendy wigfrid which are the best for long sustained survival. Warly wurt worm I feel every character has their moments. and it really just takes the player to enjoy which type of play style they enjoy. and which character they enjoy doing it with. even if the character is not the most efficient at it. That is the joy of the game
  7. i still feel wilson is the last one and they are all tempted by the radio wilson is the scientest so could help with experimentation and wilson already was dealing with dark magic in science anyway since in the beginning wilson did blood scarifices and live animals in his experiments. so that could be reasoning enough for maxwell to tempt him with the forbidden knowledge. it is true though that wilson is the only survivor to have actually dethroned maxwell eventually leading to them meeting up in the constant making the jury rigged portal and then the events of don't starve together happens. with charlie being the mastermind where as maxwell was only the mastermind in the single player version of don't starve. Remember that when maxwell and charlie were pulled in maxwell was able to explore all the worlds and ruins that we all seen today. he knows of the old civilization. and all the ways people have attempted to escape the constant. leading to hamlet in the sky and shipwrecked by sea. There are lots of creatures that maxwell created based off of the entities that lived in the book. and many were just done by the corruption of the nightmare fuel. I still feel that the metheus puzzle is still relavent because we still have a king and queen in the constant. the king was sacrificed in the corruption of the nightmares and the queen rules (maxwell and charlie) right now currently we are having a battle of sides. with the lunar being light and nightmare fuel being dark. and all the characters are here dealing with both sides. If i would theorize it would be strange new powers occured with the nightmare fuel corruption. and with these refreshes are being based on the new finding of lunacy. I really do like some of the lore aspects that are built in. and the way it was seen was majority of the characters in game had a reason to enter the world usually through personal gain. we would probably find out more about the characters reasons as we expand on the character refreshes. i
  8. being a wendy boy these are some of my favorites. Potters wheel "That looks.....f-fun." potters wheel filled "Abigail... You be Death, I'll be the Sculptor..." Robot trinket "We warned you wx to not drink bottles labeled "drink me"" Hammering a active bee mine "Bees! Maybe I'm allergic!", open gift while on beefalo "Can someone help me down... I have a present to open.", glass spike "My warped reflection stares back at me with malice.", wx ghost "Say \"Pretty Please\" and I might get you a heart, %s.", the woodie interactions are pretty fun too BEAVER = "He pinky-promised I'd get to ride on his shoulders. Such lies.", GOOSE ="Hah... you look so silly I almost... well, never mind.", REVIVER = "Abigail likes you, %s. But she likes Lucy more." glommer "Well aren't you a happy little fuzzball. Die.", warly pvp or boomerang "What if he was just fattening us up, all along?", GIFTWRAP = "Abby... how do I make the ribbon curly?" starcaller in moonbase STAFFED = "Perhaps it thirsts for a sacrifice. Where's Webber...", and this last one is dark if it was possible to examine maxwells minions SHADOWDIGGER = "Was he your brother?" since the brother probably burried abigail
  9. the thing is though i went to a different server where i was a brand new character and it still ended up happening
  10. i as trying to stream today but i cut short because i could not interact with objects in the world this only occurred when i joined a server that was hosted by another individual. from what i know it only happend on endless servers that were dedicated. at least from the ones i was able to interact with. if i played on my own private world it worked. i could not interact with things it would like tease me and highlight for a very brief moment. or not even provide extra commands. i tried restarting and doing a bunch of other things to see if it would get fixed but nothing. so i am asking if any of you are experiencing this ? clip of what i am experiencing it works on private worlds
  11. I think the spawn points just move don't they? Plus I've seen Klaus not spawn at all if spawn points are blocked so honestly I would say it's just best to mark them with turf and go check each winter unless you live in the deciduous biome
  12. That was still about the same rate i was getting with the hounds. and the varg the varg isnt even that hard to manage. Once you place a bait majority of the hounds will go for the bait. can still technically plant flowers and turn them evil too for extra sanity on the crown for mine. plus it also means you don't have to use glitches to get them on a boat glitch less is always a plus1 on any tactic you do have to sacrifice a lureplant though or maybe even just trap a pig rabbit or bunnyman.
  13. yeah you are correct. they wont attack the walls. I remember testing this in the past. and the reason i wanted to use a statue was so that the hounds would get funneled into a wicker tentacle trap. for afk farming purposes.
  14. I got one with this and vargs but the only problem is that once it is unloaded the hounds will eat the bait i think there is a way to make it possible to have anenemies on the inside with the bait if the bait box was larger so that way the hounds can die when unloaded but i am not sure if anenemies are fire proof. can some one check that for me?