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  1. Hi boon, I would like to ask your help on something. I started a thread in the mod section about an idea I have. I believe it would be nice if the actions on a tooth trap were switched so that spacebar would reset the traps, and right-click would pick them up. This small tweak would make resetting trap fields and picking up the goods from the mob kills infinitely easier. Since you already have so much experience with changing the actions that those buttons preform, I figured this wouldn't be that hard of a feat for you to pull off. In any rate, thanks for reading this. I hope to hear from you soon. Don't starve!

  2. I don't think i have time for this in the next month or two. I already have a toggle pause key which fits my needs. You could make your own mod and add following code to modmain.lua: local function OnSimPostInit(player) GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GLOBAL.KEY_KP_PERIOD, function() if GLOBAL.IsPaused() then GLOBAL.SetPause(false) else GLOBAL.SetPause(true) end end)endAddSimPostInit(OnSimPostInit)
  3. Thx for testing this. I think i fixed it.
  4. boon

    Auto Equip

    Hey GRNCeleryStick, would you like to to a review on my other mod, too perhaps?
  5. boon

    Auto Equip

    No it won't unless the grass was already picked and there is no other auto action in range.
  6. Version 0.4


    Automatically equips the right tool for the job. - As long as you have an axe, a bugnet, a hammer, a pickaxe or a shovel in your inventory you have the option to chop, catch, hammer, mine or dig. The tool does not have to be equipped! - The right tool will automatically be equipped and unequipped if your job is done (as requested). Afterwards you will hold your previous item in your hands (e.g. a spear)! - If you attack something you will automatically equip the best melee weapon from your inventory, except if you have a ranged weapon already equipped. After the fight you will hold your previous item in your hands. - If you hold the "Do Action" button you will chop, catch, mine and dig everthing in your path. - You will not dig out berrybush, berrybush2, grass, rabbithole and sapling if you started the action with the "Do Action" button.
  7. Version 0.9


    Pauses the game while the crafting menu is open or a placeable item is selected. - While the game is paused you can still select an item to build and place it - While the game is paused you can still rotate or zoom the camera - The game temporarily unpauses for direct walking