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  1. Charlie As A Playable Character?

    I can do both of those but the animations would be very time consuming and as long as you can use the default animation and retool the tex file then it will probably be fine. Though later we might want to customize the stategraph a bit to do away with some animations when inappropriate such as the scared animation when dealing with gruesome charlie. Or even add the scared animation when ever it gets dark instead of sanity dependent. Honestly staegraphs are fairly easy to change the hard part is not breaking something as while I can code and get what I want I tend to spend twice as much time fixing things I break as making new code. But if nothing else its a challenge. But anyway, if you want to get the ball rolling you should probably start a WIP/collaboration Thread and maybe look for a few more people. I can give a great deal of time to this in a few days however I want to finish stage one of my Weazley mod before i really jump in to this, I just need to finish a few more foods is all. That is assuming you want to still do it, If so I look forward to working with you.
  2. Charlie As A Playable Character?

    If you look at any game that allows you to choose a color this isn't done by making separate animations or pictures with different colors but by changing a one color for another value examples would be starcraft. I don't know enough to know if this is even feasible in this game however. And honestly just having 4 sets of animation might be better anyway, as you can different movements for each giving more flavor.
  3. Halloween Mod Challenge

    Well maybe my mod sucks but I don't think it does and if my mod is decent then it doesn't take a whole team to make a mod. So far I have done it solo and while I might be getting help with strings soon its not because I can't do them its just because I would rather take a bit less time on that and concentrate on other parts where I keep getting new ideas. I think people get caught up in what they think they can not do. Frankly I'm not the best artist but given a good amount of work I can fake it. And I have no formal training in coding (nor have I ever coded lua before a week ago) I just decide what I want to do and keep trying until it works. I think the biggest thing about modding is to not give up. From what I have seen the game gives amazing amount of tools to mod you can literally make an entirely new high quality game with what they let you access so the only real limit is your imagination and your willingness to do the hard work involved.
  4. Charlie As A Playable Character?

    I think you might be better off making it so part of the game for her is avoiding becoming the grue fully as in if she becomes the grue fully you loose. Basically remove the grue from the game but make it so in darkness transforms you eventually into the grue. However have this be levels of transformation with 4 levels that you gain in darkness and slowly loose in light. Where basically given no access to other means of reducing your gruesomeness to not fully transform over a few nights you would have to spend a good deal of nights near a level 4 fire during the nights. Other means of reducing your gruesomeness might be be picking and eating flowers (non evil) eating non meat food killing monsters befriending bunnymen and pigmen. Ways to gain gruesomeness might be picking/eating evil flowers, eating nightmare fuel, killing innocent creatures, eating meat type dishes and befriending nasty creatures Normal Charlie (NC) - light happy friendly (the picture above)Dark Charlie (DC)- Gothic looking Charlie Gruesome Charlie (GC) - Not sure maybe Cruela devil'esq?Grue - Non playable basically reach this and loose (full monster, would just need a short transformation animation) As for powers: I would have each phase handle insanity differently where NC in general goes insane faster, DC has normal sanity loss and GC takes about half value in sanity loss. Then have follower mechanics where depending on which charlie you are at make it so that NC would have an easy time befriending nice creatures and perhaps make the duration last longer. DC would befriend as normal. for GC nice creatures would be naturally hostile to you but nasty creatures like mermen and shadows would be neutral and be able to be befriended. Not sure if that sounds interesting to you or not but if it does I can help code it. though honestly this would benefit from a few people as it is rather complex. P.S. There might be a way to do the above without multiple animations as well. I notice that some of the effect for sanity are pretty complex in this game I wonder if its possible to replace a single color with another color in a single animation while in the game? If so you could make a a charlie animation and use a bright color your not using and paint over the animation with that color in areas you want to be able to change colors on. Then when normal charlie set that color as one color and when Dark charlie set it as a darker goth color it might take a small amount of work but much less than new animations. Not sure if this is possible in this game but other games do this so it would not surprise me if it was possible.
  5. The items just pop out around the character like how a backpack pop out when you make it and have armor equipped.
  6. Maybe its just my dyslexia but I think you mean when their health drops below 50% which would be "health < 50%"?
  7. Here's the code for something like that if you're interested. local GetPlayer = GLOBAL.GetPlayerlocal SpawnPrefab = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefablocal require = GLOBAL.require--Note: there are 480 seconds in a DS daylocal timeStart= 480 --This is the earliest time the devil effect with trigger.local timeEnd= 480*5 --This is the latest time the devil effect with trigger.local foodList = {"bonestew","dragonpie","honeyham"}local function sealDeal(inst), false ,"The Devil") inst.components.hunger:DoDelta(-(inst.components.hunger.max/2)) inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(-(inst.components.sanity.max/2))endlocal function spawnMulti(inst, n, what) if n >= 1 then if what == "gold" then local prefab = SpawnPrefab(what) inst.components.inventory:GiveItem(prefab) elseif what == "amulet" then local prefab = SpawnPrefab(what) inst.components.inventory:GiveItem(prefab) else local randFood = math.random(1,3) local prefab = SpawnPrefab(foodList[randFood]) inst.components.inventory:GiveItem(prefab) end return spawnMulti(inst, n-1, what) else end endlocal function useSeal(inst) local randthree = math.random(1,3) local randfuture = math.random(timeStart,timeEnd) if randthree == 1 then spawnMulti(inst, 10, "goldnugget") elseif randthree == 2 then spawnMulti(inst, 2, "amulet") else spawnMulti(inst, 20, "Food") end inst:DoTaskInTime(randfuture, sealDeal)endYou then would trigger the useSeal function to spawn the items and eventually trigger the stat losses. Feel free to use it if you want to.
  8. Just my opinion but random effects like this that effectively give zero benefit but might give you some hindrance are not very attractive to use especially when it costs materials to use it. My suggestion would be - Trade with devil. (book) possible ingredients: Batilisk wingx2, papyrusx2 On use sets a random time from 1 day to 5 days, in that much time the character will take 50% of their max, health , sanity and hunger. random effect: 1; 2; 3; Effect 1: Wealth Gives 10 gold nuggets effect 2: Longevity Gives 2 Life Giving Amulets effect 3: Plenty Gives 20 random food Basically this would mean using this item would be somewhat random but every effect would be beneficial in the short term while possibly killing you at some random time in the future if you not careful. Fits deal with the devil much better.
  9. Because in my mod I have added new ingredients I had to rewrite what each normal recipe takes so that they mostly would not use the new ingredients. The only way I new how to do that was by redeclaring them whole in the modmain.lua file like the following. Is there a way to only rewrite the "test" part of the above? Using the above method works but I have a feeling it will interfere with other mods that mess with food, not to mention it is tedious and clunky.
  10. Coding question

    Thanks that's what I needed
  11. Weazely

    Version 0.56


    This mod introduces the character Weazely, a slightly stuffy, yet quite deranged, zombie manservant. Weazely is undead, but only through the shear insane force of his willful ignorance of death. As his sanity grows the fact he should not be walking among the living becomes harder to ignore and his body attempts to be more alive, this causes Weazely to change depending on how sane he is at the moment. Weazely Mechanics Max Hunger: 300 Max Health: 200 Max Sanity: 150 Starting Sanity: 75 Health & Sanity As Weazely walks around you may notice his heart beating. Every time Weazely's heart beats he will lose some sanity and health. This is fairly complicated but very simply if he has very high sanity and health his heart will beat every few seconds and he will loose 10 health for every beat of his heart. Unfortunately at high health he won't loose much if any sanity. Luckily as his health gets lower he starts loosing more and more sanity also as his health and sanity go down the duration between each heart beat is longer. In short, it if you want to keep his health high, its better to have lower sanity. Weazley also is much less afraid of the dark than other characters loosing no sanity except in the deep deep dark, however, due to it being harder for him to ignore his own death in the light during the day he loses sanity at a slow rate. Damage & Speed Weazely does from 1/2 to 2 times the damage of Wilson and moves at 1 & 1/2 to 1/2 the speed of Wilson. This changes depending on sanity where at zero sanity he has 2 times damage but only moves at half speed, this linearly scales until at full sanity he now does 1/2 damage but moves at 1 & 1/2 speed. Beware he may hit hard at low sanity but he won't be able to run away. Hunger Weazley may start out with a large amount of hunger but his hunger like other things changes with his sanity. At full sanity Weazely has a normal human apatite but as his sanity goes down his hunger decreases faster. At zero sanity his hunger goes down at 3 times the speed that Wilson's hunger does. Wacky & Wonky Food In addition to the character Weazely, this mod introduces two new types of food, wacky and wonky. These foods use new ingredients such as; rocks, wet goop, rot, pig skins, ravens, Beefalo Wool, manure and guano. They of course also use the old ingredients as well. Both foods, like Weazely, change depending on the sanity of the character eating them. Wacky Food Wacky food is strange but not quite as disgusting as wonky food. Eating this food gives you sanity, however it gives you less sanity the more sanity you have. As for health and hunger, it gives more of each at high levels of sanity. Wacky Foods: Rock Candy Pork Rinds Gelatin Candied Butterfly Wings Century Egg Black Bird Pie Wonky Food Wonky Food does the opposite of wacky food removing sanity a great amounts at high sanity and not much at low sanity. Also wonky food gives health and hunger at greater levels when the characters sanity is low. Wonky Foods: Blood Pudding Fermented Fish Jellied Beefalo Nose Pink Slime Dry Rot Head Cheese Bat Paste Casu Marzu ​Fair Warning: if you have a weak stomach, do not look up any food on the wonky list. Most are real foods (A few with names slightly changed to better fit the game), and they are all very wonky.