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  1. I'm not sure it is kinda up to @XainFaith as ATM I am working on the strings as until others progress a bit what I'm working on is mostly done. I'll send a message to him and talk about it.
  2. If your happy with it then its fine I think it definitely looks much better I still think its a bit long but that is just me. Here is the updated version changing the direction of how the gruesome meter works it should hopefully illustrate to you why I wanted the background to be green as well. It will definitely need some testing as its likely I missed something. Edit: already found a bug with attacks Updated file:
  3. I don't see how wanting something to look its best is overly picky if Sukoushi wants to keep it this way that is fine its their art but it is my prerogative to point out what I see as flaws. Charlie looks fantastic when facing but there is something not quite right in profile to me, I am explaining why I think it looks off.
  4. Its actually still there your not lining up the top and bottom of the head/body You can see when you adjust the picture on the right down to line up the rest of the picture as much as is possible, now the head in profile is very apparently longer.
  5. I did men that but it needs to be there it just should be green as in this game green for the widgets means good and at 0 when I reverse the widget which i'm going to do 0 gruesomeness will mean men she is normal charlie so in a good state ( so green) which will be gradually covered up as she gets more gruesome ( ie bad). I'll look into the double frames when I get a chance I have a guess as too why. As for the face I don't think the bobbing is why look at my picture I aligned both top and bottom this includes the bow yet still it was longer than the other head, and i'm not sure if that looks better as I would really need to see it in the game to get a good idea
  6. Very nice but a few things. We need to switch the direction of the animation on the widget it going to need to go from 0 being a full bloom flower to 100 being fully wilted this is my mistake I would have mentioned earlier but I didn't realize you were working on it ATM. She looks really good as you face here but shes not quite right in profile. As you can see her face is longer in profile than while facing Also I think her face is too flat and the lock of hair in front should probably stick out a bit both could possibly be fixed by sloping the forehead a bit basically removing the green area I marked to some extent (probably not as much as I marked, I got a bit overzealous). Everything else is awesome, I love the flower its perfect. I can't wait to see dark and gruesome charlie. Edit: Also the background of the widget animation should be a green tint not red. Though if you want I can switch the animation and do the back ground too as its really just busy work since you got the actual art work done but that is up to you.
  7. If your thinking of brain storming we need a few hard to get ways to regulate gruesomeness via items. Right now I have a way in teh cod to modify the effective light around the character this is shown currently with the garland. I used that mainly as a test feature. Basically teh idea is not that these items actually change the light but change charlies attitude towards her decline into darkness. my ideas so far beyond the garland were adding two late game armors, a sun dress and an evening dress these would have lower armor value and degrade over time but would make it easier to stay in normal/gruesome charlie states respectively. Xain also had the idea consumable items that might do something for a set period of time , basically buffs.
  8. Well as it is now the rabbits are gain by dropping a carrot in front of them and if they eat it the will follow you. I'm not sure about doing this through a midgame item, its already may be somewhat difficult to keep rabbits as you can only befriend them in normal charlie mode which is likely to not be easy to stay in past the first day (if it is easy then we need to change ti so its not easy). Basically as it is the rabbits are going to defend you but until they are shadow monsters won't be very strong which means they will die easily and if your not in normal charlie state you won't be able to get more. Adding another road block to this mechanic at the moment seems excessive however lets see how the mechanic works out once we actually get it in the game. Your idea might be a interesting way to allow a midgame charlie to get rabbits without having to be normal charlie however. Edit: In fact I kind of do want a link to a magic hat type thing not sure how we will put it in but there will be something like that it just fits to well not to do it.
  9. Its kind of developed as me and XainFaith have worked on it its not necessarily set in stone but I came up with the idea for rabbits as follower from the idea that charlie seemed to be an assistant in the maxwell magician act and you know rabbits and magicians just seemed to kinda of go together. Then me and Xain talked about it and both independently came up with the idea of the rabbits helping farm (probably due to Beatrix Potter stories and Winnie the poo) but then had the issue of what happens to the rabbits as she gets closer to becoming the grue. I didn't want to do anything with the beardlings as that was tied to sanity and grueness and sanity are not really linked. A picture came to me after discarding beardlings, I thought of the big slow shadow monsters and how they are vaguely in the same oval shape as rabbits and I got a mental image of a rabbit dissolving into a shadow monster and as it got less real getting bigger and slower. And then I thought it would be kinda cool if as she descended into darkness her pet rabbits did as well. This strangely enough was before I read about maxwells shadows but considering the characters connection I think it fits. So at the moment that is where we are headed but thought and feedback are welcome.
  10. I would rather just lower the amount such that hitting once didn't change you the idea behind the character is to have the attack/defend primarily through followers its not in yet but eventually she will be able to befriend rabbits while in normal mode and these rabbits will in friendly mode help with gardening and have a + sanity aura as she gets closer to becoming the grue they will change eventually becoming shadow monsters that will do massive damage and no longer tend the farms. The basic idea is that being at either extreme is not easy to maintain but both are powerful in their own way. One of the ways to make it hard is make it so she has to find others to defend her or she transform into dark charlie which is more a of a middle ground where the rabbits don't tend the farms or do so very poorly and are not very combat capable. Its very easy of course to become gruesome charlie the problem there is that if you go too dark you loose.
  11. Just rememeber the artwork is just patchwork so its buggy or bad in most places. What should be working is the following. Note that the meter works in reverse for what it should ATM as you start at 100 and lose gruesomeness when it should be the opposite. I'll fix that when we get a custom widget animation. Gruesome meter widgetGruesomeness is reduced or gained depending on the light, this should be a minor gain at max at 1 per second and a much faster loss at max at 5 per second.Wearing a garland increases the effective light level very slightly.Non meat food give a slight increase to gruesomeness proportional to the hunger satiated.Meat food does the opposite.Attacking anything while normal charlie decreases a proportional amount of gruesomeness up to 25. (this and the next need to be tuned)Attacking anything while gruesome charlie increases a proportional amount of gruesomeness up to 25.Planting flowers gains some gruesomeness.From 100 to 75 the animation should be normal charlie (wendy for now).From 75 to 25 the animation should be dark charlie (willow for now).From 25 to 0 the animation should be gruesome charlie (wickerbottom for now).The Grue should never attack charlie.If you go in the console at 0 gruesomeness a function is triggered that prints out your dead this will later hook to a function that will end the game while transforming charlie into the grue.
  12. The mod is trucking along nicely at least code wise, here is an updated file for anyone interested.
  13. If we are willing to wait it looks like they are about to give us more tools to animate such that I with a bit of work could custom animate her. Its up to you but I think if your willing to to the art work for the pieces I can do that animation in a few weeks when its released. I think she looks great except shes a bit too goth looking, which will be great for dark charlie but for normal charlie I think you might try seeing if changing the lips to a light color rather than black might help? Also the eyes seem like they could be a tad closer together like a millimeter is all.
  14. WB Can you add XainFaith to the coders in the main post, please?
  15. Sounds like you have cursor set to overtype mode try hitting insert to switch to insert mode
  16. Sure anytime you want to do that I would prefer voice chat to be honest but I can do typing if necessary but you will have to deal with some sssllooowwwwww typing.
  17. I love the art and the idea, but I would much rather it was like caves where it was a two way experience. If you wanted to limit the experience a bit you could make it so you can't bring anything in but you could leave with items this would also allow the reward of being able to bring things out, which solves some of the quandary of a reward. The art reminds me of some interpretations of wonderland kind of a fanciful land of contrived chaos. I think you could make a fully developed world based on it that would really expand the base dontstarve experience if one could freely go between (or at least freely leave with items) At the moment I only have one project and its a character mod so it shouldn't take to long to finish. I am decent at coding and what I don't know I can find out. So I could definitely help out in a bit, but something like this (a world whether adventure or linked) would require some serious organization and quite a few coders and some more artists and probably some people writing strings as well. So if your really want to do it you need to get some recruits
  18. It a placeholder so I could figure out how to actually put a custom icon in and make sure it worked I'm not the person doing the art. Currently my suggestion to our artist is a flower (like the one in her hair) that wilts, but I'm not even going to attempt that as I have coding to do. The smile just was easy for me to do and visually easy to see, which is why I did it but again it is a placeholder. As of right now Sukoushi seems to be MIA so no art has been done past what is posted. But my guess is RL interfered and they will be back ASAP then the look of the mod will get better. The mod currently is more in a proof of concept stage than anything else.
  19. It is already in a component i'll look at sanity later. But thank you.
  20. Alright Here is the every basics It has a working gruesome meter that goes down as it gets dark and up slightly in light.At 70 gruesomeness the character switches from wendy to willow at 30 to wickerbottom, these of course will be changed for custom assets.The grue doesn't attack in the dark for this character only.It not visible but it prints out your dead from a function when you hit 0 gruesomeness. The hard parts left for me to figure out are: How to save gruesomeness on game save and how to load it.How to change follower behavior and add follower behaviors. The other stuff should be very easy. I really could use some art assets when you get a chance but until then i'll continue to jury rig it. Fair Warning: The portraits are the wrong characters as I didn't bother with any art that wasn't necessary. Edit: here is a chart of how much loss there is per second depending on light. FYI: This chart is not accurate to the uploaded mod this is accurate to the updated mod I am working on at the moment. The amount of light depends on the sources of light obviously but it varies from 0 with no light to about .7 at twilight and to about 1.3 in the day. Fires and torches add to this by a certain amount, with s level 4 fire adding about .9 illumination to the above.
  21. Alright My Weazley mod has reached a stopping point (at least for now) so I will star work on coding charlie I was looking at starting with getting the visual aspects coded in so that means the ui element for Gruesomeness and the gruesomeness being effected by dark/light and the animation transforms. For the gruesomeness meter we need to figure our an icon. Hunger has a stomach, insanity has a brain and health has a heart any ideas what gruesomeness should be? As for the transform at the moment I will likely use the following which i can change easily when I get the real animations. Normal Charlie: wendy Dark Charlie: willow Gruesome Charlie: wickerbottom Since I have yet to mess with the ui aspect the game this could take me a few hours or a few days I have no idea. How is Charlies Animation coming along?
  22. Her right eye (left to us) need to move in towards her nose just a touch but other than that its looking very good. +1 On a side note you could make gruesome charlies animation really dark and semi transparent making her sort of a conglomeration of a person and a shadow to fit with how you drew the grue shadow behind here. Unless you already have an idea what you want gruesome charlie to look like.
  23. Dig

    Version 1


    A modding tool for looking at the GLOBAL variable in this game. Simply eat anything with the console open (use the ` key) and it will print out the first 15 variables eat again and it prints out the next 15. To change the variable you are looking at change the modmain.lua file which has comments explaining what to change.
  24. The "we" sounds like someone volunteering to be part of the team... ;p Edit: And one can see my reading skills suck as apparently you are on the team Welcome aboard.
  25. In a few days I'll likely make a proto version of the mod using other animations to code up all the transformations etc just a proof of concept. If we get any other coders what would be useful is looking at changing behaviors of creatures my guess is the brains would be where to do this. Also we are going to need to get someone to do strings some of which probably will need to change as charlie changes the changing i can easily do scripting but it would be nice to have someone to do all the strings.