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  1. I haven't really looked closely at what Xainfaith was doing but If I remember correctly he put the follow behavior first and the bunny was still running away when you got close to it however that's what he said, its possible it wasn't working like he thought it was. Anyway if he does not get back to me with a week or so I'll be looking at it more closely, thank you for the imput
  2. Well then while I appreciate the suggestion and I realize the hassle I'm going to continue with it even if no one finds it useful I have a couple of mods planned that will use the features so it will be nice for all of them and it is teaching me ton about lua which honestly is why I do any of this. I still would like to know if there are any other way to communicate between mods other than the global variables or events, just a name of a method so I knew where to look would be awesome.
  3. Because if I understand what your suggesting that would require other mods to also have my mod loaded for it to work which them means those mod would require their down loaders to also download my mod for it to work. That is if I understand what your suggesting.
  4. This is off topic sorry malacath, though it seems your question was answered so I won't feel to bad about derailment. I'm asking this for my mod BTW. Do you you think a more secure way rather than using global variable would be push and listen for event calls to communicate between the sub mods? It would be a bit more complicated but less likely to be messed with by other mods I would think. I just don't know of another way to communicate between mods other than events or the global variable.
  5. Well yes you have a point I was just responding to your query about having compatibility between multiple mods.
  6. Actually there is a way to do that without overwriting you make a sub mod like I'm designing with AManager that only loads once no matter how many mods its in. AManager currently can be placed in 100 different mods and it would only be present once ingame and since this in't a component it would actually be far easier to do as I had issues with components but sqeek helped me figure it out.
  7. With "the basic mod" are you talking about a secondary mod to add this functionality to your mods?
  8. What about this as a more universal solution/ function ModPlayerProfile(PlayerProfile) local oldIsCharacterUnlocked = PlayerProfile.IsCharacterUnlocked function PlayerProfile:IsCharacterUnlocked(character) local oldres = oldIsCharacterUnlocked(self, character) if table.contains(LOCKEDMODCHARACTERLIST, character) and not self.persistdata.unlocked_characters[character] then return false end return oldres endendAddGlobalClassPostConstruct("playerprofile", "PlayerProfile", ModPlayerProfile)Then add any character you want locked into LOCKEDMODCHARACTERLIST And add any character you want to unlock to persistdata.unlocked_characters You then can use the same solution for all your mod characters or if you add multiple in a single mod and others could use the same solution. Just a thought.
  9. I looked at the variable CHARACTERLIST all it is is a simple array with the character prefab names so my guess is nothing bad would happen doing simply table.insert( CHARACTERLIST, "waverly")
  10. As i edited while you were replying To clarify, you would need to add your character to CHARACTERLIST by default and then add it to persistdata.unlocked_characters when it became unlocked. I'm pretty sure that would work without touching the function and would always be compatable with other mods as long as you just added to the tables and did not overwrite characters. Am I wrong?
  11. Ok silly question why not just add waverly to persistdata.unlocked_characters? From the regular function it looks like all that would need to happen for the function to work like you want is for your character to be in that function table function PlayerProfile:IsCharacterUnlocked(character) if character == "wilson" then return true end if self.persistdata.unlocked_characters[character] then return true end if not table.contains(CHARACTERLIST, character) then return true -- mod character end return falseendEdit: To clarify, you would need to add your character to CHARACTERLIST by default and then add it to persistdata.unlocked_characters when it became unlocked.
  12. I have not seen it but I know of it but Xain already has the follower part in the mod last I heard he was working on getting the rabbit not to run away from you when it was following you, and from comments about Cheerios mod in another thread apparently the rabbits have the same problem in his mod so its likely not all that helpful to us. Though if Xain does not show back up it might help me to understand whats going on if I have to take over that part of the code.
  13. When it gets to a decent stage yes it will be uploaded, as for progress Xainfaith ATM the moment is MIA but its only been a a week or so so I'm waiting to see if perhaps he just got super busy at work if he doesn't get back I'll take over what he was doing or find someone else as I had turned someone down for coding help recently as with me an Xain it seemed at the time we were fine.
  14. Wow, just wow... I am very impressed I can't wait to see more. I am currently redoing part of my coding to make it better BTW so I am working. Also we need to add KidneyBeanBoy to the main page hes tackling the strings just FYI.
  15. Isn't there a way to reduce opacity on the entire animation in the game?
  16. What do you think about giving her a recipe for a shadow umbrella? I'm not sure what its effects would be, but visually it suits her. I like it. There are two ways right now you can impact gruesomeness one is to directly increase/decrease it the other is you can impact the static luminosity which basically makes it darker or lighter than it already is. My thoughts would be a shadow umbrella would make it darker. So if you want a high amount of gruesomeness you would want a shadow umbrella during the day or near a fire so you don't start naturally creeping up. I have been thinking about adding more items that affect the luminosity one already for a test is the garland and I thought about the straw hat making it effectively darker by a small amount but more items would be great.
  17. It looks like fore now we have it covered if this changes I'll get back to you So were you planning on doing the quotes or not?
  18. This is just insurance in case you have an emergency afk or you fall asleep etc. And just like insurance you will never need it until you do.
  19. Actually no it doesn't save it just force quits as saving while you have been inactive for half a game day is probably not a good thing to do.
  20. Version 1.0


    Automatically quits the game if you are completely inactive for 3 minutes while not paused.
  21. Why would you need api version 2? And if for some reason you do its very simple to change it in the modinfo.lua
  22. Version 1.4


    N Tools adds six clickable button to the HUD for testing utility. Time Jump Moves the time of day/night one step. Time Jump + Move you forward five days time. Start/Stop Precip Starts or stops rain and snow. Go Invincible/Vulnerable Toggles invincibility. Go Insane/Sane Sets sanity to zero or full. Dig This button allows you to dig through the game variables and sort them by variable type as well as looking at each tables children. All of this in a visual UI. Wish This button allows you to grant items to your character for easier testing.
  23. I was going to start on those but so far no not really I've been putting it off because I'm lazy If you want a go at them your welcome too just an FYI while some of the quotes will be the same, some of them will need to eventually change depending on gruesomeness. If you can get the base strings done for her we'll see if what strings we want to change if any and worry about that later however. Here is the base speech file with the changes that are necessary none of the actual string are correct save one but the variable names are all there including the minor changes.
  24. @Sukoushi If you have not seen it here is a video with a bit more of charlie in it