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  1. You can't really use 4-8 with the same idea. Not sure if you missed the UI in the 1-5 priority, but it wasn't really 1-5, it was 1-5,6-10 with an extra addition of job prioritization for first 5 and the last 5 stayed the same (job priority unaffected). You could even use shortcuts 6-9 for priorities of 1*-4*. So basically just like you said, you miss that part, that's the only thing that actually changed! I really hate, how my miner quits mining 6 priority mining job to clean toilet with 8 priority or to deliver dirt to farms with 7, that could be done by assigned experts too busy at that point. There is absolutely nothing you can't do with 1-5 that you could do with 1-9. But there is so much you can't do with 1-9, that you could with 1-5...
  2. Why? Why the rollback? the 5+5 priority system was awesome, the idea between soft/hard priorities was good... Rarely would I use hard priority, and now with 9 system you can no longer prioritize anything without forcing every job to just do what they're not meant to do. As for the skill leveling.. at first I was a bit shocked, but without leveling - skills feel like they matter. Maybe there should be some tutoring instead, like old theme hospital. Was a very nice way of leveling there. instead of passive leveling non-stop, you had to put a good tutor with students, and they would spend a lot of time learning to be able to reach master's level. The only thing that should level automatically is prolly athletics. Cause it ruins lategame if speed doesn't scale up. The jobs are pretty useless now, given the leveling the bonuses are super tiny compared to extra stress they provide. And if i used to pick all my duplicants with max learning keeping the blind eye on all the other skills, the new job system finally fixed that, and now we're back to learning harass... Just let em level their skills faster, who cares for what they're good at. I kinda demand a poll to get the new content back and running... there must be more people who would stand for it
  3. Getting this one in preview branch as well, apparently there has been a fix for maximum pressure on algae terrarium (it used to ovepressurize the room with oxygen). Now when its inside a 1800+ chambers full of CO2, they simply ain't workin, think they're supposed to handle CO2 in this case but stop working if oxygen pressure around them are above 2000? something like that
  4. @Midrealm, sure! I can add the new tag images, don't exactly understand the difference between seafood and fish tho, is it about froglegs? :D As for inedible, really tough choice. Do you add 'inedible(alt)' tags into your recipes?
    RE: seafood - yes - froglegs, although other things could be added (I have been debating including seaweed).
    RE: Inedible - No - I just use 'Inedible' but I presented the alternate image for your use if you wanted. I hate for users to get confused about what is and isn't tagged a something.
    My thought was maybe you would know a way to config the mod to allow users to choose which set of images they wanted - or better yet automatically do so if both mods are installed (I have no idea if that is possible)

    I have so many tags because I try to make all my recipes use tags only, so that they can be compatible with other mods.
    This allows another modder to add a new food ingredient with a tag such as 'seafood' or whatever, and it would work to make recipes in my mod. If i used 'names' instead, it wouldn't work.

    RE: Square Image, so next possible size is 256x256.
    ~nod - I figured that out last night when I went to correct the missing Citrus tag. So I have already prepared an new version. Plus I added the tags I forgot and prepared alternate images for some other other tags, like dairy, fat, etc. that include food ingredients from my mod. Again - I'll let you decide how to best use them, if at all.

    " I'll realign the image, that was just FYI. "
    Hope you ahvent done so yet, :( I hate to waste your time, and I've got one ready to send this evening.


  5. Attached is png and xml with the common food tags and also tags used in waiter 101 mod.
    Maybe you can incorporate it into your craft pot mod (if you want)
    I included an alternate image for inedible - because although I've made petals cookable, I have also tagged them as inedible to prevent overuse.

    Ideally I would have changed some other core images like monster tag to show plantmeat, bat wings, etc. But that might confuse people who didnt have the waiter mod installed.

    Anyway - I haven't tested this with your mod, so I don't know if I set up the xml correctly.

    Feel free to use the attached files or not.




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      Thanks for the update, was about to edit previous image to upload it into game, now I do not have to :).

      Choosing imageset depending on some conditions seems a bit overly complicated. Really need to implement some automated tag generator. I had this idea about stacking up images of all inedibles inside of one container, and once hovered, all those images spread to make a circle with names next to them. But that's so much UI, not sure if I'm gonna have enough time to make that.

    4. MidrealmDM


      Could you make it configurable so the user could choose which image set to use?

      Just an idea

  6. Pristine is required for deterministic code that does not require syncing, without it all the code will run on server and constantly sync position and other data that can be done on client with the same result
  7. Maybe I just understood you wrong, if you want to show that icon only if you are next to all of those prefabs at once, or the prefab is true in the mod config, then your code works differently than mine, I thought you wanted it to fire next to any structure that is checked in mod options
  8. No just a common pattern for owner. In your case its probably inst itself. Can't look in code as I'm packing for vacation
  9. ThePlayer is global constant that is defined after player is initialized - aka after AddPlayerPostInit is fired. GetPlayer() is the function that was used in DS to get player, it is depricated in DST, but is still supported. Usually people redefine GetPlayer in their cross DS-DST mods. You can learn more reading the first sticky thread on this forum. You can use pairs iterator on any variable (e.g. inst) to get list of props it has. Usually player is addressed as inst.owner, can't look into the code right now to check that one out. In your case I'm pretty sure that if inst has tag player, then it is actually player. As for how to learn modding, you gotta look in the game source code and in code of simillar modes. Once you figure out how prefabs, components, widgets and post inits work it'll be a lot easier.
  10. Nope, different monitors, different sizes, you need to use another docking. Try simply creating your own docking widget self.HomeBase_root = self:AddChild(Widget("")) self.HomeBase_root:SetHAnchor(ANCHOR_LEFT) self.HomeBase_root:SetVAnchor(ANCHOR_TOP) self.HomeBase_root:SetScaleMode(SCALEMODE_PROPORTIONAL) self.HomeBase_root:SetMaxPropUpscale(MAX_HUD_SCALE) self.HomeBase_root = self.HomeBase_root:AddChild(Widget("")) Then insert image into this root instead
  11. About the stuff i wrote earlier considering u1 u2 v1 v2: I was wrong u1 u2 is X coordinate from left to right, v1 v2 is Y coordinate from bottom to top. And the tex image must be square, but it would throw a warning if it's not a power of 2 aka 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048
  12. That either topleftroot is hidden, (:Show() required), or you need to mess with coordinates more, or idk
  13. It's kinda self.containerroot:AddChild( Image(atlas, filename) ), sorry about [], you're a bit confused sometimes, have to program on 4 different languages and only lua uses {} for numeric arrays.