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  1. Charlie's letter on Source code: Confusing, and I couldn't understand part of it. =/
  2. I just made a theory!! Listen everyone!!! Rate my theory!
  3. I'm more curious about the source code! It forms a Puzzle piece, it must be a hint!!!
  4. Maybe the shadow hand will pull the candle and trap Charlie in that room, and then she reads everything in there, and becomes crazy and start writing at the walls. A.K.A. :
  5. I'd like to hear from KLEI about The Screecher, if it does have any relevance with DS storyline or not, if it is a demo of a future KLEI game, or just mod for us to play and wait until some news about DS first DLC appears.
  6. Can you please upload in a different place?
  7. It's an official mod made by KLEI, it pops up where the old ''xx days till next update'' used to be, when you click it, they ask to restart the game and loads the mod, which is a game with DS style but is VERY CREEPY!!
  8. I bet in the ending they will show Charlie's monster form, we need someone brave enough to play and make a video of it!!!
  9. Maxwell's ''Secret'' room - BEFORE OBS: With a creepy Wallpaper Maxwell's ''Secret'' room -AFTER OBS: No wallpaper...
  10. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the frame above the fireplace! I think it might be a very importante picture, maybe Wendy and Abigail(probably William Carter's nieces), or maybe this picture:
  11. A... B... C... It's easy as 1, 2, 3
  12. I read some people talking(outside the forum) about a DLC for Don't Starve in a near future, but I don't know a thing about it. Does Klei have confirmed this DLC? Or maybe, there is a thread on this forum talking about this?(I'm just curious xD)