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  1. I do in-fact have too much spoilage, How'd you know! I like this mod quite a bit. However... I have more poop than food.. could be useful in a new world, so I wouldn't have to consider beefalo near my home,I already eliminated needing a pig village near when I can just make pig houses in my base, so with this installed I won't need beefalo either
  2. This is awesome, is the beard only white when wearing the santa armor, or only during winter? I like this armor tho.
  3. I really like this, but is upgraded Choppy to powerful? a follower who freezes enemy's for the cost of a blue gem. Maybe if the gem only lasted like 3 days, or wore off like a weapon, in usage. OR is it not OP and I just need to see it for myself. That just sounds like a little too much. No other problems with anything else tho. I like this character.
  4. I REALLY like this character, but yes the unarmed damage needs to be slightly lower, I know its his main weapon but 55dmg + high attack speed is OP. also, what exactly do you mean by " needs lots to eat", I realize that means faster stomach drain,but how much faster? A response would be wondiferus.
  5. This is pretty good! Especially with my 2 chests of hounds teeth! sadly I only have like 8 gears, I suck at caving
  6. cool, please continue making mods, its been a little slow lately
  7. I really like how late game the wand is, like it should be, good job
  8. a little Oped. Just saying. Maybe like 3/4 the speed would be better. Unless you want ridiculous speed.
  9. How difficult would it be to make a higher quality texture to a lot of the game, this is nice but the game could really improve from something like that. THINK OF HOW BIG YOU WILL BE!! Thanks for the mod btw.
  10. I assume it saves and this is useful for me because Im always watching Youtube videos whist i play. Sucks to go AFK at night.
  11. Yes a hotkey would make this one of my favorite mods, its still good though.
  12. This could be game changing, Nice work. Are there any BIG bug problems, that could potentially corrupt any of my saves that you know of? because im newish to modding and i really don't want to lose a world with 200+ days to a silly bug.
  13. Dear afro1967 I have an idea for a simple mod and it would benefit me, you, and other people. Seeing as how you have many mods below your belt, you seem like a good person to ask. if it isn't to much trouble, do you think you could make a mod where roads are easier to see during the winter? And possibly be able to craft the dirt roads. I don't care what the recipe is to be honest. I know you can make the cobble stone roads but those are pretty valuable, and I don't like wasting them just to get to the rabbit holes or a wormhole;. the main thing i want is visible roads during the winter. I personally don't make mods so i have no clue how easy it is to make mods, but this sounds both helpful and easy, and i think everybody hates not being able to see the roads. Thank you for making awesome mods Sincerely, Wilson Leatherwood
  14. If im picking grass by holding spacebar, will a shovel dig up the grass turf instead?