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  1. One thing I can't stop thinking about is: Is it possible to get the make the normal game play out from the same view point? Would be nice for seeing the game from a different point of view =)
  2. well I have windows on a partition but have to reboot for that... bah!
  3. Doesn't work for me on linux :/
  4. I can use it rarely if I want to lay down int he bed chilling while gaming
  5. oh well I installed windows version of steam (wine ftw) also those 1% is only people that does the hardware survey. I myself have never seen it.
  6. Just though those ideas up just now except the thirst thing which have bothered me for a while.
  7. You can get sick from the following: Being out in the rain without an umbrella. During winter, reaching the second frost stage(frost effect on screen) will make you sick the day after tomorrow. Reaching the 3rd will make you sick the following day and reaching the fourth will make you sick within 2 minutes. (can't remember if there is a fourth frost effect?) Eating to much spoiled food. While eating spoiled food the character's will say something about how they feel, each time you eat spoiled food the phrase will change to the worse, after 10 spoiled (around 25-30% left before rot) non crock pot cocked item's you will get sick. If it's spoiled food cocked with a crock pot it will require only 3 eaten items to get sick. This rate slowly reset over time during a 7 day cycle. For example if the character ate 9 spoiled berry's after 30% of a 7 day cycle have gone past he would be able to eat 2 more spoiled berry's but would have to wait a bit more before he could eat a crock pot cooked spoiled item. (The spoiled percent need to be around 25-30% left of the food before rot to be able to make you sick) While sick: 1 Health point lost for each 1 hunger point lost. Your health get's worse as you are sick.Sanity will drop by 1 point for each 2 health point's lost. Being sick is not fun for anyone.Hunger drain's at 20% faster rate while sick. Fighting sickness requires a lot of 'fuel' to fight after all.To cure sickness you will need to make some kind of medicine. New tree: Willow. Eating 1 leaf or a piece of bark will reverse the effect of one spoiled food intake. (If you have eaten just one spoiled food and the character get a little bit closer to sick while if you eat bark or leaf from this tree will make you perfectly healthy again)New plant: Ginger. Eating one ginger will have the effect of eating 4 bark's or leaf's from the willow. However it will lower sanity by 15.New crock pot recipe: 1 Ginger, 1 Leaf(willow), 1 bark(willow), 1 honey. Will create a medicine that can be reset the the all intake of eaten spoiled food. If used while already sick it will make you healthy after 1 full day cycle. Idea not that planned: Reduce hunger drain rate and add a thirst bar. Thirst would drain at the current hunger rate while hunger drain at maybe 10% slower than the current rate.
  8. No update and dead community. Where the hell is everyone?
  9. Sigh I died a cold winter night on day 30ish. Now I don't want to start a new one until the patch come's So I'm just sitting her watching tv series and drinking enough coffee to supply an army.
  10. And this is why time zone's are a ***** xD
  11. When today will the patch hit the fan?
  12. Playing trough on my first WX-78 run. I myself think that gears are way to rare to spend on upgrades so far lol. I rather save it for ice boxes. This mod seems to fix that issue though (really getting crazy because of the low sanity) EDIT: lol saw you still need cogs for the upgrades. oh well I still went for the HC version.