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  1. @TeoSS69: I am using the game's internal calculations. The game's calculation of time into the season and time left sometimes does some some strange things. I'm looking into getting those adjusted for those cases.
  2. It does support Always On Status mod. I'm working to get it working with the RPG HUD mods.
  3. Yes, it works with both vanilla version and Reign of Giants.
  4. I really like that idea of choosing the default text to show. I'll try to get that added today. Thanks for the awesome suggestions, really helping out the mod!
  5. Version 1.2.0


    Have you ever been playing and have no idea how long it is until the next season? How many days into the current season you are? Or what season was up next? Never fear, this mod should help. Features: Adds a clock that indicate the progression through the seasons. Indicates the current season. Hovering over the clock indicates the days into the current season and days until the next season. Compatible with the "Always On Status" mod. Compatible with Reign of Giants and all season duration combinations. Convenient options for: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Clock Segment Color Hover Text Format Hover Text Font Size Season Text Font Size Enabling Clock in Caves (toggle) Default Text to Display Clock Positioning Options
  6. Awesome linux tool. I personally had some dependency issues with cmake and libmagick++. Anyone having those problems should do the following (will only work on Ubuntu or distros with aptitidue but same general idea applies): sudo apt-get install cmake libmagick++-dev