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  1. Beatrice

    Mouse makes the best mods
  2. Hardcore mod

    If your really hardcore you would dive into anything that looked dangerous at a moments notice.
  3. Better Armor

    I think thats what the author was going for.
  4. Equivalent Exchange

    Hey nudel, did you make the equivalent exchange mods for minecraft, or was that someone else?
  5. Fabulous Maxwell

    Why not all the time!
  6. Army of Darkness

    Theres quite a point to it. I didnt get beat the game for nothing. When i beat the game i sure as hell want a an op character that is unstoppable.
  7. Close your Eyes

    ikr, i mean, id really rather not sleep with wicker bottom.
  8. Summons

    Shouldn't it be where if you give red gem he is the fire hound and blue gem he is a frost hound? (he is your hound)
  9. Craftable Statues

    what modded character and other mods besides the statue mod are you using
  10. Craftable Gramaphone

    pretty neat mod but gears are kind of hard to get a hold of ya know
  11. i wonder if klei will add trading with pigs like with vilaagers in mine craft
  12. BENDER! (from Futurama

    when he examines hounds he should say "Bite my shiny metal ass"
  13. Character: Ezio

    f*** this is so badass
  14. WOOD The Super Easy Mode Character

    great mod for newbs and some times people like myself
  15. White the Wizard

    dont tell any 1 to stop modding they might get better with practice
  16. Wulfe

    best idea in the world
  17. Wolverine Character mod

    needs the dont starve art but a qreat mod
  18. Mystery Kids

    Could someone explain how to download the mod as well? I'll visit the forums every once and a while.
  19. Mystery Kids

    The pigman idea would be nice idea! Can you add it or would it be too hard?