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  1. If your really hardcore you would dive into anything that looked dangerous at a moments notice.
  2. I think thats what the author was going for.
  3. Hey nudel, did you make the equivalent exchange mods for minecraft, or was that someone else?
  4. Theres quite a point to it. I didnt get beat the game for nothing. When i beat the game i sure as hell want a an op character that is unstoppable.
  5. ikr, i mean, id really rather not sleep with wicker bottom.
  6. Shouldn't it be where if you give red gem he is the fire hound and blue gem he is a frost hound? (he is your hound)
  7. what modded character and other mods besides the statue mod are you using
  8. pretty neat mod but gears are kind of hard to get a hold of ya know
  9. i wonder if klei will add trading with pigs like with vilaagers in mine craft
  10. when he examines hounds he should say "Bite my shiny metal ass"