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  1. I play Maxwell also and with Minerhat+Night armor+Nightmare Sword I can handle them well. Preferably bring down 5-6 bunnies from surface to underground but soloing also works, and well just run for a minute or two until there only 1-2 worms chasing you then slash em down then back trail kill of the remainders. Its really useful to have either honey poultice if you have reed set piece or spider gland (spider farm) if you don't. Carry stack nightmare fuel, Living wood, papyrus and 2 stacks of spider gland and with that setup I can solo in caves for at least 6-9 days. Found that clones are disappointingly weak, they get one shotted by worms and most other bosses so its waste to carry around book. I agree with worms needing a nerf there's no incentive to go into caves now. In a 1v1 against a depth worms with a Dark Sword it deal 1 blow to me which means 4 hp in damage to me with my night armor so yea no problem.
  2. A bit off topic but anyone know how to get codex umbra on a Maxwell character that was made before the update?