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  1. Summons

    How about maxwell's shadows or something also XD
  2. Summons

    Any plans for more summons? <3
  3. RPG Items

    does this work with six feet under?
  4. Summons

    When will this work with six feet under? <3
  5. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Thx Your mod and the status mod is a must have. cant play with out them makes everything looks so pretty
  6. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Theres something wrong with the backpack, when i pick the items it doesnt go into the bacpack. it says i got no space and i have to manual put items into backpack D; i remove the mod and the items that get pickup goes into the backpack by it self so the mod broke something with the backpack oh and idk why but the backpack is 3 columns instead of 2 that might be the problem and it have 12 slots i am using the version with 25 slots before the version update i had 10 slots for the backpack and now its 12 slots with 3 collums lol Not sure if its an issue with the new update or the mod....
  7. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Hope it updates soon BEST MOD IN THE WORLD