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  1. tehMugwump's InfiniteArmor is basicaly "unbreakable armor". See ? He wasn't the first one who had the idea to make armor last forever. Think first, before you post a comment like this.
  2. Yeah, I agree with you about the thing with the ruining.Interesting thoughts about the crafting recipes. I personally thought about integrating fireflies or light bulbs into the recipe, since the Yellow Gem is kind of a glowing gem. at the moment, yellow gems are dropped by damaged clockwork bishops, I forgot to mention that in the description.I will add a crafting recipe for the Yellow Gem, and maybe for the blue/red ones in a future update.
  3. Seems you've forgot that yellow gems are as rare as the green/orange ones. plus, you need a blue/red one.
  4. Version 3.0


    Adds two new crafting recipes to the game.One for the Orange Gem and one for the Green Gem. Red Gem + Yellow Gem = Orange Gem Blue Gem + Yellow Gem = Green Gem Yellow Gems can be obtained by killing damaged Clockwork Bishops, found in the ruins. The crafting recipes can be found under the Refine Tab.
  5. Version 3.0


    This mod makes armor last forever. Removes all debuffs like the 30% slower movement speed when wearing the Marble Suit or the sanity drain of Night Armour. The Thulecite Suit now absorbs 95% of physical damage instead of 90% cause crafting it was kinda unnecessary if you already had a marble suit or a Night Armour. This mod includes: -Grass Suit -Log Suit -Marble Suit -Thulecite Suit -Night Armour -Snurtle Shell Armor -Football Helmet -Shelmet -Thulecite Crown -Beekeeper Hat