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  1. Better Armor

    thanks, i'm working on it
  2. Better Armor

    Yes it is
  3. Better Armor

    Fixed it.
  4. Better Armor

    tehMugwump's InfiniteArmor is basicaly "unbreakable armor". See ? He wasn't the first one who had the idea to make armor last forever. Think first, before you post a comment like this.
  5. Variable Gems

    Yeah, I agree with you about the thing with the ruining.Interesting thoughts about the crafting recipes. I personally thought about integrating fireflies or light bulbs into the recipe, since the Yellow Gem is kind of a glowing gem. at the moment, yellow gems are dropped by damaged clockwork bishops, I forgot to mention that in the description.I will add a crafting recipe for the Yellow Gem, and maybe for the blue/red ones in a future update.