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  1. Nabaru DST MOD character

    is a guy
  2. i need help with my mod nabaru

  3. Nabaru DST MOD character

    Version 1.3


    my own character for don't starve finally! for now is just a character more but i will continue edit him he is compatible in DST Nickname The sweet rose Motto “my love and soul for my dear!” Perk *is obsessed for wilson *he loves the cold and rain (WIP) *he have special seeds (WIP) HEALTH 150 HUNGER 200 SANITY 200 hey i have a ask/rp blog about this character and more! http://ask-us-m-n-o.tumblr.com/
  4. i need help with my mod nabaru

    i meant spriter, i was mean the .tex and .png too
  5. i need help with my mod nabaru

    i did like 5 times but it sitll don't work, i can put it for download for see if is a error of me or not
  6. i need help with my mod nabaru

    the hair is very high, if you look closely this It cut the hair really weird like pixels, when the character is set aside, normal hair and hat hair are uneven and cut it. it must looks like this, like in the spriter but no.
  7. everything is okay except for the hair i edit the .tex of anim and exported folders, can someone can help please? an is theres a topic that can help can you put a link?