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  1. leeclow


    Banana Pie now gives +15 temperature penalty use with caution and Milkshake cools +5 temperature due to ice added to the recipe.
  2. leeclow


    Hm maybe some other mod you have overwrites beefalo.lua? Any more details about the crash? Thanks.
  3. leeclow


    Maybe your version of don't starve is not the same as the mod. Try changing it in modinfo.lua maybe that will help. I know but they are cute anyway. xD What?
  4. leeclow


    Version 1.3


    Milk mod adds a milking option on beefalos. It also adds cheese and other stuffies. To be able to milk beefalos first a Milking Bucket must be crafted under food options for 1 beefalo horn 10 marble pieces and 1 lantern. Milking beefalos will result in a piece of raw milk that can be cooked on cook pot for milk and cheese. New recipes: Milk: 2 raw milk pieces and no meat. Cheese: 3 raw milk pieces and no meat and no inedible Banana pie: 1 cave banana (cooked or raw), 1 egg (bird or tall bird) and 1 milk. No meat in the recipe. Banana Milkshake: 1 cave banana, 1 milk, 1 honey and 1 ice. Have fun.
  5. After eating a XP token the stats remain the same. No error or crash. Just the stats doesn't increase after consuming one. Any suggestions?
  6. The idea is great. I personally think is a little to cheap for a tier 2 "ice box" but is my own thought. So a few suggestions? Increase requirements. (1 icebox + etc? current requirements renders the ice box useless.) Make it compatible with displayfoodvalues mod (freezer doesn't display the real values.) Make it functional with RPG HUD mod (more slots + blue background.) Give the freezer it's own mini map icon. (currently using ice box one.) Don't get me wrong, i love it. And will use it. Fixed all the above myself. Just laying out the suggestions for your consideration. Thanks and great work.