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  1. I swear, every anime drawing tutorial on the internet is for girls.

  2. At this point im convinced I'm the only person on the internet not fluent in Japanese.

    1. Sporb


      I don't really know any Japanese at all. Does that make you feel better?

  3. Where can I find a instrumental to that one zelda song by Starbomb? hella' chill tune there. xD

  4. Sorry I haven't been on very often lately, our internet's been down and my computer got messed up, so the only time i can get on is during school :/

    1. Rosten


      Probably sometime around Wednesday or Thursday I'll have my computer and internet back, see you guys then

  5. So, I've been playing Skyrim lately, and, sine i decided to go down the Thief/Assasin path, I figured i'd enchant myself a nice glass dagger, I felt this was an appropriate name -

  6. For some reason things that unsettle others, calm me, things that are funny to others, horrify me.

  7. And so life continues to get even more depressing....

    1. Malan-Tai


      yes. the one i love is with an other.

  8. - You cant listen to this and tell me you don't want to dance.
  9. Is it bad that digimon is possibly the only anime ive ever watched?

    1. HoneyHam


      Dragon Ball Z. Now. No questions. Turn on the TV.

  10. Man, what happened to all the kirby games? Squeak Squad, Superstar Ultra, Return to dreamland? how long has it been since we've had a kirby game?

    1. HoneyHam


      *Nostalgia intensifies*

    2. Rosten


      Squeak Squad was the first kirby game i played,

      And subsequently the first kirby game i 100%'d

      And even after losing the cartridge i continued to play on roms until i end up getting a new one

  11. I want there to be a kirby game on steam just so i can get a kirby emote or backround.

    1. Rosten


      *Has Gourmet Race Looped in the Backround of Evereything

    2. Rosten


      Best Remix 2013 Kirby/Kirby -

    3. Rosten


      Incase you couldn't tell im a bit of a kirby fanatic.

  12. Hey, has anyone got a Wendy card? thats the last one i need to complete my first set (she's also my favorite character)

  13. For some reason or another thinking/writing about things that would depress other people calms me.

  14. No writing today, sorry, I'm feeling, to put it lightly, depressed, and when i try to write while im depressed, bad things happen.

    1. 23rd


      When I get depressed I write happy ****. It's how I conceived that story with Willow and Charlie in it.

    2. Rosten


      I tried writing, it didn't end up very well.

      Seriously, reading over it again made me even more "depressed" (god i keep using that word so much >.<)

      and im no good at writing happy things (or, i think so atleast)

      also, i got that air-raider you wanted, so come on steam anytime to get it

    3. Rosten


      I would post what i wrote, but I doubt it would be received well and would probably drive many people away from the thread in general

      Not to mention im not sure if im comfortable with *anybody* reading it.....

  15. Why are the most unpleasant thoughts the hardest to get rid of.

  16. I'ma get a Bloodstained Botkiller Knife and name it "Bloodstained Balisong"

    1. HoneyHam


      How do Botkiller weapons work? Like, can they give me a random weapon with the head on it, or do they give me the head and I customize a weapon of choice?

    2. Rosten


      Whenever you complete a tour of duty, (depending on which it was) you are given a random weapon that has a head on it, also depending on which tour you do, there is a chance (albeit small) you'll get a special version of that, Rust - Bloodstained, Silver - Gold, Carbonado - Diamond - Killstreak Kit - Ausrtraliam Weapon

  17. Has anyone been reading my stories? Or is everyone just lurking?

  18. What's the difference between a training balisong and a normal one? is it just training ones have dulled or no blade so you can't stab people with them (well, as much as you can't stab someone with the pointy end of a comb, but you get the point)... I wonder if it would still be considered a "deadly weapon" in school?

    1. HoneyHam


      Was that "You get the point" pun intended?

  19. The ocarina and the butterfly knife are extremely similar in a particular way. Guess how.

  20. I'm gonna learn to do this one day

  21. Does anyone know of a small, portable device that i could use to type-out my writing on with an actual keyboard, i'd rather not use a tablet since A ) Typing on them are impossible. B) They're too fragile, so any ideas?

  22. Has anyone not noticed the Quote* in my signature? i'd give you a hint as to where its from, but i just did.