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  1. Right now I'm learning C# for use with Unity. What is with all the extra stuff you have to write? "int myInt = 1;" in Python or Lua it'd just be "myInt = 1" Why exactly is this?

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    2. Rosten


      Nah, I'm pretty sure Python is Object-Oriented, and I have no problems with that. I might end up learning JavaScript to use with Unity as opposed to C# though.

    3. Sporb


      I think C# is different though. IIRC, C++ is a regular programming language but also features support for object-oriented stuff. I imagine Python is like that, although I don't have the experience to be sure. On the other hand, C# is entirely focused on object-oriented programming, and I figured that might be why doing simple things seemed needlessly complicated.

    4. Rosten


      Yeah, probably, although it doesn't explain the needlessly-unforgiving syntax half the time. It's a wonder why Unity supports Boo of all things, but not Python or Lua.