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  1. No writing today, sorry, I'm feeling, to put it lightly, depressed, and when i try to write while im depressed, bad things happen.

    1. 23rd


      When I get depressed I write happy ****. It's how I conceived that story with Willow and Charlie in it.

    2. Rosten


      I tried writing, it didn't end up very well.

      Seriously, reading over it again made me even more "depressed" (god i keep using that word so much >.<)

      and im no good at writing happy things (or, i think so atleast)

      also, i got that air-raider you wanted, so come on steam anytime to get it

    3. Rosten


      I would post what i wrote, but I doubt it would be received well and would probably drive many people away from the thread in general

      Not to mention im not sure if im comfortable with *anybody* reading it.....