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  1. I feel like many facets of my life would be improved significantly if I was a girl as opposed to a boy. Although most of you probably don't know me as anything but that sarcastic guy on the internet, I do have a multi-layered personality that differentiates me from other human beings. :p

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    2. Mobbstar


      If it helps, I don't care about gender stuffs all too much on the internet. Humour and news is what the internet is for :p

    3. Sporb


      I dunno, it's always easy to imagine that things would be better, if only... whatever. But such conditionals are difficult to actually verify.

    4. Rosten



      Guess I've unwittingly broken the illusion. Darn.

      And, it's not so much about being on the internet, I just feel as if my overall quality of life would be at least marginally improved if I was the opposite gender, of course, it's all conjecture, considering I have no means of proving whether this is true or not.